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Old 04-13-2014, 04:42 PM
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Default 2014-4-12

Athame R.: okay...
Race Ulfson: I'm wondering if we can change our names back and forth
Gravecall (GM): there she is
Race Ulfson: Otherwise, I guess I could just say "Chris thinks this is all a bad dream"
Athame R.: lol
I don't like seeing my ugly mug on here
Race Ulfson: the way my screen is, all I can see is your forehead and the top of your hair. It looks worried
your head, not your hair
Athame R.: LOL
well, I can see your chickee and dobbies eyeand I'm stuck with fugly face lol
Race Ulfson: Just turn off vid
Athame R.: I have no idea how to do that
Race Ulfson: Hmm
I don't have a camera so it's not an issue for me.
try clicking on the camera and see if it lets you disable?
Athame R.: Does this thing log it?
Gravecall (GM): oop there she went
Athame R.: phew
well this could keep me from eating while I palylol
Race Ulfson: I see ears in your vid, Ember must be mooching
Athame: yes , she is
I see myself
Race Ulfson: She was deeply offended that I wouldn't share
Athame: seh's about to be offended again lol
eee found it
Gravecall (GM): right. so. lets see...
Race Ulfson: you are replaced by a catfairything
Athame: and this is good lol
Selkie: lalala
Rovel: Hi Selks
Selkie: Hi, Rovel!
I just dumped potatp chips all over myself
Rovel: That's a good way to get mugged by seagulls
... also potheads
Selkie: And crows, and Tepe
Rovel: Squirrels, small children...
Selkie: Weasels of Perdition...
Rovel: The scary French Onion Dip Monster...
Selkie: LOL
Athame: I am realizing...I almost did an action like the IRC lol
Selkie: I never saw the scary french onion dip monster.
Gravecall (GM):
Rovel: Sacre Bleu! I have come to inflict great calories on you!
Gravecall (GM): french onion dip??
i am hating sammy right now
Race Ulfson: Hate me too, I have to potty
Gravecall (GM): lets all potty
Athame: Deb, is there an action kind of thing to do or do we just type it out like...with quotes and stuff and is this thing loggin everytnihg?
my feet are cold, I'm gonna get my booties
Why don't our little pictures show up instead of the geometric green shape icons?
brb potty too
Gravecall (GM): hm...

Gravecall (GM) makes growly noises
Gravecall (GM): slash me works /me

Gravecall (GM) howls

Race Ulfson is back
Athame: sorry I'm having issues with a CAT
now I broke her little heart
Race Ulfson: A white cat? or a fuzzy cat?

Athame is being hated by a fuzzy cat
Race Ulfson: bummer
Athame: welll, she was hurting me so we're evem
yay, she got in Deb's chair
Gravecall (GM): putting out tokens for you to choose
Athame: tokens?
Gravecall (GM): southern part of the map you should see some tiny figures
Race Ulfson: my map is 100% black
oh but I see a sax and something with a stick
Athame: well...I can't see the map. I see grey at the top and left side which I can move around a bit with the scroll bar and I see you putting tokens into this grid thingie
Gravecall (GM): yeah, thats fog of war.
Athame: fog of war?
Gravecall (GM): it blots out parts you haven't seen.
Athame: yeah I see a sun shield, a sax and a thing with a stick
Gravecall (GM): soooo....
if you guys want we can ditch this and get on the couch and get the chair off the porch and play in the livingroom, lol
Athame: I don't mind using this, I just have to learn what we're doing
Race Ulfson: Yeah I was having fun
Gravecall (GM): kk
Athame: we're fine, just learn us!
Race Ulfson: we are still one icon short
Athame: what is that thing with a stick?
kinda looks like a prune man
Race Ulfson: Surely you recongnize a character drawn so it's looking straight up at you
Athame: are you being a smart ass???? LOL

Race Ulfson is smart all over
Athame: Is that a comment on my character drawintgs lol
Race Ulfson: Mayyyyybeeeee
Athame: yeah, well BABYHEADS TO YOU! lol
Race Ulfson: ew
Athame: so....tell us what to do, Dobbie!
Race Ulfson: She is hunting for one more icon
Athame: ohh
Race Ulfson: Otherwise Rovel is invisible. Which is ok with him but confusing
Athame: lol who is who?
Race Ulfson: Chris is the sun shield
Athame: Thom must be the saxophone
Maybe I should put on my glasses LOL
Is that white blobby Turas?
Race Ulfson: Think so. Selki uses a staff, right? So the guy in the red hoodie is Rovel

Race Ulfson doesn't mention that Rovel is blond
Athame: LOL
TCH must be the bird shape? Or it could be Thom because he's air lol
Race Ulfson: naw he's got the sax
Athame: that was weird, I clicked on one of the figures and stuff flew out
Race Ulfson: you can show status effects
so now he's flying
Chris: If this is a weird dream, I'm not in my pj's, am I? Because I don't actually sleep in pjs
Thom: Is Deb on the phone?
Athame: that was me!
Race Ulfson: John keeps trying to call her
Athame: oi
is he in trouble?
Race Ulfson: not that I can tell. Just his normal
Athame: oh
Gravecall (GM): new phone, sorry.
Athame: it's okay, just woried he was stuck somewhere or something
Morgan: meow
Okay. everyone was having a snooze. I don't care when it was or what time, stop moving, selkie
Gravecall (GM): time is completely irrelevant
Athame: how did you make rovel turn?
oops sorry
Gravecall (GM): that is what your Player name is for
Athame: I only see two names on the board, are all the icons/topkens gonna have names?
Gravecall (GM): rolling 1d20
= 2
rolling 1d20
= 5
Athame: EEE I saw a dice
Race Ulfson: Click on the icon. A little blue box appears. You can grab the box and pull it around
Also a gear appears. that lets you name the icon so we can all see it
Athame: thanks
I didn't put my names on there
Race Ulfson: Deb did
Athame: ohh kk
Selkie: zzzzzzzZZZZZzzzzzz
Thom: zzzzzzzzzzzzz
Athame: Does Turas need a token or is he just in Selkie's square?
Gravecall (GM): Selkie hears... music
Selkie: In her room where she's snoozin?
Oh look, a litle Selkie picture lol

Selkie sits up in bed to look around and try to figure where the music is coming from.

Selkie Falls out of bed and into a foggy squishy nothingness.
Selkie: Whoa!

Selkie Is she floating? Or falling?

Rovel hears selkie yell whoa!

Gravecall (GM) Rovel will fall right out of the fog onto selkie, or very nearly.

Selkie is trying to project/float toward teh music
Rovel: Whoa!

Gravecall (GM) its all around you both.
Selkie: Rovel?! Well...this is weird.

Selkie thought she was maybe astral projecting or something.
Rovel: Are you doing a dreamwalk thingie, Selks?
Selkie: Well...this is not how it usually starts off. I was thinking I might be projecting but I didn't expect to see you. I mean are you here?

Selkie pokes him on the arm
Rovel: I think so.

Voiceover (GM) Rovel is poked

Rovel Rovel checks to see what he's wearing

Voiceover (GM) grey nothingness

Selkie Selkie studies Rovel quite intensely, just to make sure he's as he appears in real life. Any differences?

Selkie whoo didn't think she might be nekkid!!!
Athame: lol rovel rovel selkie selkie
it's going to take a bit to get used to the difference lol
I almost twin jetted cranberry gingerale
Voiceover (GM): lost kat
Selkie: o is that was that music was?
Athame: wb
Voiceover (GM): there she is
Race Ulfson: am I back
Athame: wb

Athame was studying Rovel to see if he was any different from the "real" world.

Selkie that is

Rovel was using gray nothingness to cover his somethingness

Selkie just in case it might not be him, really

Rovel Unless he's wearing clothes or at least jammies
Selkie: is Rovel nekkid?!

Voiceover (GM) Selkie's little white dog trots up to Rovel and sits.
Rovel: I'm not sure
Hello, do you have luggage with you?
Selkie: "Turas!" Selkie looks releived. Kneels down by Turas and hugs him.

Selkie must be able to kneel if Turas can sit, yes?

Voiceover (GM) yep

Voiceover (GM) no weener

Voiceover (GM) Turas wags his tail

Selkie Selkie smooches his noggin. Are we dressed in our jammies?

Voiceover (GM) only your faces are actually illuminated. you are dressed in nothing. grey misty areas.
Selkie: This is very strange.

Selkie tries to put a hand on Rovel's shoulder.
Selkie: Maybe we should keep contact with each other. I don't want us to get lost.
Rovel: Some sort of astral projection thing, right?
You mean more lost, right?
Selkie: This doesn't seem like astral projection to me or a usual dream walk. Dream walking I usually go into a dream or into someone elses dream. Unless you're dreaming about a fog and I am in your dream? What were you dreaming about?
I mean...I fell out of bed into this fog.
Rovel: I think I was actually making a peanut butter and banana sandwich

Selkie looks disturbed.
Selkie: You were awake when you came into the fog?

Selkie is now now sure if she was awakened by the music and fell into the fog or if she was asleep and sat up in her dream.
Rovel: I don't know. Maybe I was dreaming about peanut butter
Selkie: Okay...well let's try something. Hold my hand, okay? I want us to both try to focus on making the fog clear out and bring us into a familiar place, okay?

Rovel will but he's really focusing on pants
Selkie: Stay close to me, Turas.

Rovel also shoes

Selkie wants Turas to be touching her, so with her free hand, she will bend a bit to keep her hand on Turas's noggin.
Selkie: What if we focus on the pub room the crow holders meet in?
Rovel: Sure
Selkie: We should be able to get there, we're both crow holders.

Selkie focusing on the room FOCUS FOCUS
Rovel: And then we'll have to get married, because we're wearing clouds

Selkie chuckles.

Voiceover (GM) you faintly hear crows far overhead.

Voiceover (GM) but you get nowhere
Selkie: Do you hear the crows?
Rovel: Yeah. Not really as melodious as hearing angels sing
Selkie: I'm sort of glad not to hear angels sing. That might mean we were in a place I would rather go to a bit later in life.

Rovel whistles for Mr Peanut

Selkie takes a deep sniff to see if she can smell anything.
Rovel: Like after you've mastered saying "Hey you kids, get offa my lawn!"

Voiceover (GM) flappyt flap Mr.Peanut lights on rovel's head.
Rovel: I left your peanut in my other pants

Voiceover (GM) Mr.Peanut looks disappointed

Selkie does the mental summons...I can't remember what she named her dang crow
Rovel: Dude, I'd share if I had anything
Voiceover (GM): Another crow lights on Selkie

Selkie pets her crow's back carefully.
Selkie: Can you show us how to get back home?
Mr.Tch: Afraid not.
I didn't bring you here

Selkie OOPS not the hooded crow, huh?
Rovel: Do you know where we are?
Mr.Tch certainly the hooded crow. but he is all the crows
Selkie: Ummm...who did bring us here?
Mr.Tch: I think Mr.Kim.
Rovel: Did he leave any hints?

Selkie looks at Rovel and back to Mr. Tch in confusion. "Im so confused...why are we here?"
Rovel: To prod butt and masticate gum
Mr.Tch: I'll summon him up.
Selkie: Whaaat? ::Laughing:: What does that mean, Rovel?
Rovel: That isn't going to piss him off, is it?

Voiceover (GM) Crows caw, hundreds of them above and around you.

Voiceover (GM) you hear waves for a moment and smell seawater. and Mr, Kim in his expensive suit materializes. yeah, he's dressed, you're not.
Rovel: You know, I'm here to prod buttock and I'm out of chewing gum

Selkie I thought we were dressedi n clouds!
Rovel: Now that's just unfair

Voiceover (GM) its just foggy around your parts

Voiceover (GM) not dressed. just nebulous

Selkie like bllurring out naughty bits in a film?
Mr.Kim: We need some work done here, and you are the most available and least conflicted of the Family members.
Rovel: I'm heavily conflicted about Selki seeing my manly bits
Mr.Kim: There are some artifacts that belong to the island here. And some of the enemies of the Crow family are hiding here, and building power.
Mr.Tch: they're not that manly
Selkie: Mr. Kim, where is here? I thought I was dreaming.
Rovel: But I still love them. Ok, what is it, where is it, who has it and how did they get it and what do we have to do to get gear - and that includes proper clothing and boots
Mr.Kim: A staging area between the Kingdoms.

Selkie looks at Rovel. "I promise not to look if you promise not to look.
Mr.Tch: I promise nothing
Rovel: It's not the not looking. It's the sneaking over jagged rocks and lava beds to steal the Orb of Wow with no boots
Selkie: "The Kingdoms? Do you mean like...the Courts or like...dimensions..." she stops to look at Rovel. "the orb of wow?"

Rovel Rovel adds to Mr Peanut, I know you look, you old reprobate
Selkie: Mr. Kim...if you'd talked to us beforehand I'm pretty sure we would both have agreed to do whatever is is that we need to do. I don't think you had to resort to tugging us out of dreams. How did you do that?"
Mr.Kim: I had to tug at you and see who could go without dragging too much of their world with them. You are the ones who can adapt easily.
Selkie: Are we asleep back where we fell asleep? Can we get back to our bodies if we need to?
Mr.Kim: I did not know who i would get until i pulled. there are others who are not crow holders who would be able to come but i wished to discuss with you first.

Selkie is looking for spirit threads
Mr.Kim: Time does not pass while you are here

Selkie sees no threads

Selkie brows rise up. "Oh...I am a bit out of my comfort zone."
Rovel: I'm no snob. I suspect we need all the help we can get, so Crow kin or not, if they want to help I'm cool with it.
Selkie: They'll know what's going on? I mean they'll know they're not just in a dream?

Selkie Kim pulls Thom and Chris out of whatever dream they were having into the fog with the rest of them.

Selkie oop, kim did that. >>

Voiceover (GM) has too many options
Selkie: lol how ar eyou writing with me?
Athame: oops I'm getting confused, sorry!
Voiceover (GM): we'll get it.
Chris: There about 10 ways that nightmare could get worse and this was 6 of them. What the hell?

Selkie Thom is glad to be out of that dream, so he's feeling more like he's had a reprieve even if he is nekkid and nebulous. "What the heck..."

Voiceover (GM) selkie! get off thom
Race Ulfson: Or get a room

Selkie is of the same opinion as Rovel, but she is concerned that they won't know what's going on.
Thom: What is this? Did I go from therapy to a freaking sauna?
Rovel: Silly me, I thought we'd get, you know, a werewolf or something

Rovel does not seem to think a General Contractor and a singer are going to be a lot of help. On the other hand, he's just the mailman
Thom is feeling like he's the wrong prize at a carnival.
Mr.Kim: Thom Thorn can bring with him another. Morgan is his good friend.
Thom: Sorry to disappoint ya, dude...
Selkie: Morgan's our friend too....

Voiceover (GM) a white cat slinks out of the fog and rubs on thom's ankles and then drapes on selkie's foot. flop.
Rovel: No, no. It's just if we are in a dreamscape about to fight the Many Onions of Sit, I'd rather do it with a lot more violence on my side
Morgan: I was having a cat dream, sorry.
Selkie: Mr. Kim....Ohhh hello, Kitty!
Morgan the white cat talks just like morgan.
Thom: Many onions? I'll bring some certs.
Chris: Was it about tuna or being a god or both? Wait, why am I talking to a cat?
Selkie: Okay wait a moment...Mr. Kim? How dangeroius is this? Can we die here? If we die here, are we dead where we're sleeping?
Mr.Kim: This is your Knight dream, Mr.Applegate.
Mr.Tch: I can answer that. You can't die here, but we won't be fighting here. We'll go to a world where the bodies we're in will be just for that world. if they get killed you have to get a new manifestation.

Selkie squats down to scritch Morgan behind the ears.
Mr.Tch: also, it hurts like fuckstick
Selkie: Does it damage us in any other permanent way?
Chris: Try not to get killed. Seems reasonable
Thom: That's usually first on my agenda. Try not to get killed.
Rovel: I am solid with that plan
Mr.Tch: You could go nuts if you're the type. Thus why adam isn't here.
Thom offers a hand to Chris...if he can being nebulous. "I'm Thom Thorn."
Rovel: I thought he was already nuts
Mr.Tch: He already has his own world

Chris shakes his hand. "Chris Appleton"
Athame: I just realized I don't think that he has formally met Rovel either, has he?
Or Mr. Tch
Mr.Tch thought it was applegate, dammit
Thom: "Nuts is relative. You can always get more nuts. No need to press an already fragile psyche."
Thom christina applegate
Rovel: A day without Adam is like a day that's nearly normal
Thom: Adam is...I dunno he doesn't like me for some reason and I don't know what I did to piss him off.
Chris: Breathed?
Selkie: Adam is....uhh sensitive.
Chris: Yeah ok we can go with that
Selkie: It's not completely his fault.

Selkie is not sure why seh's sticking up for him. He doesn't like her either lol
Rovel: Look, whales are awesome and it's not their fault they need an ocean of krill to live but I'm still glad we don't have one in the party
Thom: So, okay what is going on? I went from shock therapy to talking about Adam Crowe....that's his last name, right?
Race Ulfson: Thom needs a picture
Mr.Kim: There are rewards for attending this task. First - you may ask me for favors in the real world. Second - you may occasionally take something from the world to your own.
Athame: I gave one to Dob awhile ago
Thom: What kind of task are we talking about?
Thom thinks this is a dream at the moment, so he's kind of feeling like it's a Harry Potter moment or something

Chris is not going to ask what kind of favors in case someone else thinks 'sexual'. He really doesn't want to be hit on by Mr Kin

Chris Kim
Mr.Kim now they're married
Thom: LOL
Race Ulfson: So that's Rovel and Selki, Chris and Kim buckled. That only leaves Thom and Morgan. Or Tch
Morgan: It'll be like playing Dungeons and Dragons except when you get hit with acid its really gonna hurt.
Selkie: Oh, goodie! Dungeons and Dragons, I never got to play that!
Chris: No acid. I have moral objections to being hit with acid

Selkie really, shes' not being sarcastic she's darn jolly about it
Morgan: You should ask Wallace, he has a game every other night.
Thom: I haven't played that since...uhh well a long time.
Rovel: I have a sudden burning need for soda and cheese doodles
Thom: No, Mountain Dew and Doritos...Nacho Cheese Doritos.
Though I really hate Mountain Dew
Race Ulfson: I hate to mention this when we are just getting started but I'm starting to fade. I got up early
Selkie: Turas doesn't like cheese doodles.
Chris: That stuff is terrible for you
Athame: It's okay, we can just take up where we left off, right Deb?
Morgan: yeppers
Athame: Is there a log?
Chris: I'm having fun. I like this format
Athame: How do we log?
Yes, me too!
lol and I like the little tokens and stuff
though...are morgan and Turas on selkie? lol
OH yeah and Mr. Tch is on Rovel
Athame: hehehhehehee
Voiceover (GM): yep. i think there is, i just have to find it, lol
Athame: LOL oh my
well we haven't got to worry about it too much just yet
But my memory is so fucked up, I may need something to check back on
Voiceover (GM): you can leave by closing the window, or going up to the top and there is a little phone handset you can click to hang up
Chris: thanks for setting this up, it was fun
night, ladies
Voiceover (GM): thanks! we'll get the hang of it
Athame: nighty night!
so is all the icons and stuff saved?

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