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Old 01-11-2009, 01:09 AM
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Default Ziggy's Character Bios

Here is my thread for character descriptions. I might include ages, birthdays, skills, appearances, and histories. Though unless your character has been informed about my character's past, he/she probably won't know any of it. Unless, of course, they're telepathic and choose to read into it.

My current characters:
Thadius (Thad) Kaerich
Kymri Valtieas
Nicholai Siltarr
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Old 01-11-2009, 01:09 AM
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Default Thadius (Thad) Kaerich

Name Pronunciation: (thad - ee - us | kay - rik)
Age: 21
Birthday: March 7th
Usual Residence: The Lost Souls Tavern
Occupation: Adventurer/Carpenter/Guardsman For the Church of Helios
Birthplace: Kinneas
Class: Archer/Alchemist

Thad stands a tall six foot four and has a lean, but muscular frame. He is an exceptionally attractive young man (cast with actor Charlie Hunnam). He has coppery brown eyes that look yellow by fire light, and pale blonde hair that hangs down to the middle of his back when loose, though he usually wears it in a loose ponytail or braid (both are held with a green, silk ribbon). His dress usually includes things like a poet shirt, leather pants, knee-high boots, an archer's shoulder sash, and half chaps. He smells like fresh fruit and flowers.

Personality wise, Thad is a caring listener. In a team he follows, and doesn't lead. He is often the one to be more concerned for others than himself, and feels a strong sense of loyalty and good-doing. Though he cares for others, it's quite noticeable that he has a large chip on his shoulder.

Thad was raised by a human farming village, Kinneas, by a lone mother, Karie. He always knew his father, Lesriall Kaerich, was an elf, and he also knew that he left their village to help in the Larrinian-Kisarrian Elven wars. What he did not know was that his father had betrayed his own kind, the Larrinians, to help the other side, and was assassinated shortly after. He grew up with the urge to learn about both of his kinds, learning to read both Human and Elven, and learning archery from the age of four. He also learned to ride horses, though he more commonly found himself riding donkeys or cows. Despite being the town's most intelligent member, Thad felt the urge to leave and discover the world beyond the mountains. Reluctantly, his mother let him leave. Meanwhile, the Larrinians were planning to kill off the Kaerich bloodline, and headed to Kinneas. When they were not allowed entry into the village, they attacked and destroyed it trying to find the half-elf they viewed to be a traitor, killing Karie in their search. Upon his return Thad found mother, splayed on the ground and brutally murdered. Distraught, he buried the dead and left his home in search of a new life. Upon his travels, he met the young human warrior, Wellus, and it didn't take long for Thad to fall head over heels for the charming young lad. Unfortunately, Wellus' companion, Lorth, was not as excepting of Thad as he, and told the Larrinians of Thad's whereabouts. Wellus, having found out about Lorth's betrayal, took Thad to a secret location by the ancient relic, the Dragon's Gateway. The Larrinian's soon found them anyway, and just before they came, Wellus shoved Thad through the gate. He said he would follow shortly after, but never came. Assuming Wellus to be dead, Thad made his way to the Lost Souls Tavern, where he met several people he now considers friends.

(The image below is Charlie Hunnam. His hair is not how Thad's is, but it's a good angle of his face.)
Charlie Hunnam - Thad

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Old 01-11-2009, 01:10 AM
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Default Kymri Valtieas

Name Pronunciation: (kim - ree | vol - tai - us)
Age: 29
Birthday: Uknown
Usual Residence: The Lost Souls Tavern
Occupation: Dragon Rider/Mercenary
Birthplace: Unkown
Class: Rider/Sword Mage

Kymri stands at about five foot six and has a good curve to her body, if not for a small lack in bust. She has a round face with good cheek bones (cast with actress Racheal Weiss). Her hair is brunette and wavy, hanging just under her shoulder blades. Her eyes are a lightish hazel, and her skin is a healthy tan. She usually wears rider's clothes, such as a leather jerkin, a light cotton shirt, leather pants, leather chaps, and knee-high boots with a good heel. She also wears a burgundy velvet cloak that hangs to the floor in cold weather. She smells like expensive oils and perfumes.

Personality wise, Kymri is a cool confident leader with a bit of an alcohol problem. She's stern and strict, but when she's drunk she's fun and playful. Her feelings such a duty are only where she can get money for her work, or where she knows what she is doing is absolutely right. If she is unsure of something, she will be sure to say so.

Kymri was raised in a dragon rider's cove, where she was paired with her dragon to this day, Nicholai. Unlike other riders, Nicholai quite liked Kymri's approach, and decided to take the long leap into a soul bonding ceremony with her. This means as long as one of them lives, the other will as well. They ventured around the land, exploring every region they could. they gathered gold, treasure, and plentiful fabrics to the point where their financial future is perfectly stable, at least for the next century or so. When Kymri was seventeen, Nicholai gained his senses of evil and good, and the two came to the conclusion that their assistance was needed where evil could be sensed. Wherever fate leads them, they will go quite happily to meet it face on.

(The images below are of actress Rachael Weiss.)
Rachel Weiss - Kym 1
Rachel Weiss - Kym 2 (much more accurate skin tone)

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Old 01-11-2009, 01:11 AM
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Default Nicholai Siltarr

Name: Nicholai Siltarr

Age: 102
Apparent Age: (in Elven Form) 25-30
Gender: Male
Height: (True Dragon Form) 12'4" (Miniature Dragon) 2'0" (Elf Form) 6'0"
Weight: Any desired weight (Silver Dragon Ability: Cloudwalking)
Build: Medium Average
Hair Color: Silver
Eye Color: Other*
Skin Color: Ivory/Pale Swallow/Cream
Distinct Features: Nicholai's eyes in all of his forms are colored like speckled and cloudy mercury with clearly defined pupils.
In his dragon forms, his scales are entirely bright silver, and hard to distinguish from each other. He also has the typical Silver Dragon features; pronounced head-fins with black tips, a nose plate which bends into his beak (which is very smooth and shiny), smooth horns which fade from silver to black, and a chin fin which looks like a beard. He also smells life fresh rain on rocks.
Apparent Race/Species: Any Desired Race/Species (Silver Dragon Ability: Shapeshifting)
Actual Race/Species: Silver Dragon
Moral/Ethical Code: Lawful Good

Race/Species Specifics and Equipment: Nicholai is a young adult Silver Dragon. His skills include the ability to shapeshift, cloudwalk (change his own weight to any desired amount), Moral senses (Empathic sense of other's moral alignment), Frost breath, as well as normal dragon attributes such as heightened senses, intelligence, and proportional strength and defense. He will only transform into other forms in non-combat situations, because he is, in essence, as weak and vulnerable as the form he takes. He is also always weak against fire spells.

In dragon form, Nicholai only wears riding gear for his bound rider, Kymri, and even then, only when he needs to. In Elven form, Nicholai wears fancy and expensive clothing and jewelry. He only likes wearing fancy clothes and shiny jewelry (much to the dismay of Kymri over their budget)

*Nicholai was loosely created off of the DnD Silver Dragon Ability/Stat set.

Bio: Nicholai was raised in a mountain cove, near a small village of dragon riders. His family raised him only a few miles away from the town, where he often went and explored the outskirts of. When he was older, about an adolescent, he was introduced to the local riders in training, and given the freedom of his choice of the riders. He didn't find any he liked until the very last, Kymri Valtieas. She was strong, independent, and unique in her methods. They two bonded as they trained to ride together, but never had any romantic feeling for one another. Eventually, however, Nicholai had to realize that his rider would one day die. He searched for ways to prolong her life, and eventually found an ancient scroll which contained a spell to bind souls to one another. When Nicholai was 50, and Kymri was 35, they bound their souls. Through this, Kymri would live as long as Nicholai. This was rare among silver dragons, due to their sense of exploration and individuality, but Nicholai was confident that Kymri would be someone he wished to bind with.

Over the next fifty years, the two explored their homeland, seeing everything to be seen and going where they were needed. One day, in their explorations, they found the Dragongate, a legendary portal. Fascinated, Nicholai and Kymri traveled through the gate.

Motivation for Traveling Through the Dragongate; Nicholai and Kymri went through the gate out of curiosity, and found a land they quite enjoyed. Chaotic as it was, it gave them things to do all the time. Nicholai also enjoys the new and varied meals, plants, and races in the land.

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