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Exclamation Shopping in Town

This is the result of the shopping trip. Never heard anything from anyone about anything they wanted except for Nyarl. Chris is using his work card for everything because his luggage was lost because of work.

Hardware Store

1 dozen of Yards and Beyond® Mini Stake Solar Light in Stainless Steel Finish (MS1M-N1-SS-T15) - 15 Pack

QTY 6 Coast® Focusing and Dimmable Headlight Flashlight (HL7)

1 case each of every size of batteries their equipment purchased requires

Soft sided tool bags and Belts for Vic and Chris. Miscellaneous nails, screws, hooks etc. Power tools, basic tool set of decent quality. Chris tends to purchase Dewalt power tools if possible.

Wooden posts for the walkways between buildings, aprx 3 dozen posts with screw in hardware for ropes. The lights will be set at the base of the posts to make it easier to see in the fog/dark.

A set of leather work gloves for Victor and Chris each. He buys extras in a few different sizes for anyone else.

Farm to Table

Victor went nuts and bought all kinds of food and stuff.
Chris got a couple of nice bottles of wine for Corbin's house just because he's being nice enough to let them stay on the ranch.

Guns N Things

Chris went nuts and purchased a shit ton of ammo for his guns and a couple of rifles and tons of ammo for rifles for him and Victor with night scopes. His travelling work kit was already shipped to the ranch so it didn't get lost on the plane.


The guys both needed to get personal hygene items.

Chris and Victor are getting socks, underware, t-shirts, all the basic necessities. Both are gettingg a couple of pair of Levis jeans and a pair of work boots each.

Luggage sets for both of them. Victors is leopard print. Chris's is not lol.

Purchased with Chris's personal card will be food processor, blender, Kitchenaid mixer with all the accessories.

Triple T Specialty Meats

Victor goes apeshit.

Reynolds Market

Victor goes apeshit with food items. Chris gets bags of candy SNICKERS! Chris gets donuts for Nyarl as requested. Well, for everyone! They can share.

Glendive Clothing Co.

Chris purchases a suit with all the necessary accessories.

Chris purchased a pair of shoes for the suit.

Chris purchases a couple of button down shirts for the suit.

Chris purchases for Victor whatever items he wants based on what he lost in the plane crash.

Chris purchases some personal clothes with his own card.

The Flower Basket

A nice centerpiece type of flower arrangement for Corbin's house just because he is allowing them space to stay on the ranch.

Local Pharmacy

Complete First Aid Kit with whatever Victor says they need.
Pain killers, allergy pills, vitamins etc.
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