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Post Holliday Journal

(Just a note, all of Chris's reports and journals are in code.)

October 18, 2012

A new assignment has me going to Montana to investigate the claims of a Doctor Willam Corbin. The boss lady seemed hesitant to give me too many details about the doctor's claims, she wants me to make my own conclusions. She urged me to take my brother with me due to his medical skills. Red flag number one. The agency is paying for him to go on "vacation" with me in a place where he's looking for work. Montana, which happens to be where Dr. Corbin lives. Seems they know more about my brother than I do, but I shouldn't be surprised.

I started off kind of trying to make it sound to Victor like it was me wanting to go on vacation with him, but he's not an idiot and I figured he probably had me figured out. Didn't find out for sure until after the airport, when things when south.

I've already sent my report to the office, but of course I can't put things in my report like what the FUCK is going on?? My reports are always all black and white this is how it happened and this is what the subject did and this is what I did etc and so on.

But when you go to an airport and the clerk calls your brother a fag and you almost get into a brawl with him until he has some kind of fit and falls over, spits up a giant worm monster that spews out of his mouth, well you can't put in your report that you almost crapped your pants. And it's a good thing I didn't crap my pants because all my luggage went down with the plane we were supposed to be on but missed because of worm head.

Yes, our plane and a few others went down with no survivors. Literally, no survivors. There were no people on the plane. I'm glad we had booked a seat on the plane for my brother's dog or Victor would have lost his mind. He loves that dog.

Anyway, I'm tired. Just had to write something because I'm not sure I'll believe it tomorrow. Yes, we see some weird shit in the Agency. Nothing this weird. I'll have to talk to Victor about it again tomorrow. I mean I already spilled to him about the job. I wasn't really supposed to do that but the boss has to know that Victor isn't an idiot too. We are taking a train to Montana. With any luck we won't end up fighting with scary worm monsters, at least until we get to Montana and have a chance to get some more clothes. I can't guarantee I won't crap my pants the next time a freaking monster crawls out of someone's mouth.

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