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Old 10-01-2011, 01:32 PM
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Exclamation Band Meeting

Thom Thorn is going to rent one of the cozy's for an evening for dinner and drinks and a long meeting with Morgan which might monopolize a table in the place so better to be able to talk a little more privately. He asks Morgan to meet him there. He doesn't mind Sam sitting in on the meeting either, as Sam has said he'll play with them every so often. He figures as they talk they may be calling a few people in to join them...like the riverboat partners...depends on how the talk goes!

He wants to discuss a few things, like he wants to find a female singer to sing with them and he'd kind of like to talk to Mara about that. Yeah there's a bit of a crush there, she likes QUEEN! He's got a bit of a crush on Speedy Leslie too, but he'd gotten the idea she was kind of humoring him when she left him to sit with that teacher at the diner, and he's not really a chaser kind of guy, so he's sorta of given up on Leslie. Alette took his breath away, but then he finds out she's dating his brother. Well, Thom's not a person that tries to cut someone out, least of all his brother. As if he COULD cut out his brother. No one is going to choose Thom when they could have Rowan. Same with Sam...why would they want to see Thom if they could date Sam? So if Mara is still dating Sam that's not going to go far either. BUT! Enough of his crushes! They need to find other musicians too. Though Morgan can play all the instruments, if they are going to play on the boat, they'll need more band members and they'll need to get together and play on a regular basis so they don't sound like a bunch of dorks.

He'd like to discuss the name of the band with Morgan, which he has a few ideas for but he doesn't want to be all THIS is what we're doing and what I say is the only thing that's important. Well...it IS important to him but he can admit to himself that Morgan might have some better suggestions and ideas that he himself hasn't thought of.

Thom wants to discuss music style and if Morgan wants to work on writing music with him so they can get ready for when the riverboat is ready to be opened to the public. They will need to get with their riverboat partners too, and that will involve Rowan, but right now Thom just needs to get things settled with the band so they have a regular schedule.

He's also thinking...he'll have to quit working at the pub on a regular basis until things are totally set. He likes singing, but he's getting too busy with his own plans and since Rowan told him that he doesn't need to worry about money, he feels like he can concentrate on working toward his goals full time. Maybe they'll let him sing for free if he can choose when he comes in to sing. But with school and the band starting and the riverboat thing, something has to give.
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Old 10-11-2011, 04:35 PM
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After Live Playing - Update:

Band as it stands: Thom, Luke, Thor, Mara, Ace, Morgan, sometimes Sam.
  • Mara agrees to join the band with the condition it does not interfere with her schooling.
  • The Pub is open to having Thom and company play.
  • Mara is not dating Sam. She is seeing Lex but not exclusively.
  • Thor and Luke are interested in the band.
  • Luke has to wait until after December 25th - he turns 18 then.
  • Morgan is interested in some dance/pop for public consumption and story/rockopera sort of stuff for their own enjoyment. He does not like Reggae.
  • Ace can switch out with luke on guitar - both are good on the drums.

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