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Default New Babylon - Introduction

from 9-14-07 - New Babylon (fragment)

* ||| And now ============= somewhere on the other side of the world ================
* ||| The autumn festival celebrating the Oracle of Autumn continues. It is a grand celebration leading up to the birth of the new year, which happens after harvest in the quiet of winter. The city of New Babylon, a bustling coastal town reminiscent of Rome or Greece, is illuminated by both lamp and torch, with music playing in the air entwined with the scents of roasting meat, perfume, alcohol <cut>
<|||> <cont> and excesses of all sorts. <done>
<z> 6 Down on the waterfront, a heavily muscled human man with a shock of blond hair and a deep tan, has just finished a long shift unloading cargo, and he is headed into the main gates to spend some money and go drinking, maybe acquire some entertainment for the evening. His name is Danil, and he was once a favored pet of a particular female Kuja demon. Times he would prefer to forget.
* ||| There are dancers in the streets - women painted in metallic golds and coppers and reds - colors of autumn, and of the Oracle they celebrate. They wear little else save the body paint, a few feathers and a light chain around their necks, symbolizing the coming frost after the feast times.
<z> 6 A frost would be welcome after the heat of summer, summer is no time to be unloading ship cargo, particularly live cargo. Danil takes in the sight of the dancing women, looking them over appreciatively, and heads for the nearest tavern to start on his evening of drinking.
* ||| Plenty of taverns by the docks, catering to all types, from the noblemen who may have just disembarked to the lowly cabin boy with only a few coppers to rub together. The closest one that a working class gentleman might approve of is the Maiden's Folly, run by a pair of redheaded stepchildren, who are mixed between some sort of fae and the ones of the Rim. Twilighters.
<z> 6 Danil ducks into the Folly, looking around to see if there might be some whores working the place who he could liquor up and pay for an evening's companionship.
* ||| It's fairly packed, sailors on shore leave, a few gladiators. The girl of the set of twins, Requiem, waves her bartowel at Danil. 1"Welcome, Stranger - pull up a seat. My brother's in the back refereeing the card games, so you'll have to order through me."
* ||| Requiem is tall, for a woman, about 5' 10" with waist length fiery red hair, violet-grey eyes, and just a smattering of freckles on the tip of her nose. She is voluptuous, almost to the point of sinful.
<z> 6 Danil grins and winks at the girl. "I won't object, sweetheart... I will take your regular ale, not the cheapest, but not the best." He puts his coins on the bar to let her know he has money to pay to keep it coming.
<|||> <Requiem> "One ale comin' up. We got some beef in fresh - made a stew, made steaks, though most people are out eating at the festival grounds and such."
<z> 6 "If you're serving it, I'll have a trencher of stew, that sounds mighty fine." He gives her another smile. "If you're serving then you can't be for sale, you got any girls half as pretty who might be?"
<|||> <Requiem> "No, but I can put Davi in a dress and sell him to you," 6She teases. A manly shout from the direction of one of the parlors says, "I heard that!" And Requiem laughs as she saunters off to fix the stew. A man leaning on one of the nearby barstools glances at Danil.
<|||> <Man> "Slaver's are two streets down."
<z> 6 "There aren't any freewomen who whore down in this part of the city?" he says to the man. "I'm not from these parts you see."
<|||> <Man> "Oh, whores. Most of them are workin' the festival too - all the rich folks amble on thataway, once the seasickness passes."
* ||| The man polishes off an impressively large glass of some reddish-gold drink and then clears his throat. 1"Whore houses are close to the center of the city - gladiator rings too. It all goes together, y'see."
<z> 6 Danil smirks. "Well I'm not a rich man, just a working man. Of course if any of you fine gentleman have a halfway decent looking sister you want to introduce me to, she'll be safe and in one piece when the night's done..." he picks up his ale and looks casual.
<|||> <Man> "Not all the whores are high class, but they all follow money, that's for damned sure." 6He laughs. 1"The ones that don't are the ones you wanna look out for."
* ||| Most of the men go about their business - there's some high stakes gambling going on, and that's more than enough distraction. One or two shoot Danil evil looks.
* ||| Requiem returns with the stew.
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<z> 6 Danil turns back to his meal. "I'll have to go into the city then if I want what I'm looking for..." he says, though more softly. He gives Requiem another bright smile and puts down what has to be plenty of money for the stew. "Thank you darling, it looks wonderful."
<|||> <Requiem> "No trouble at all, mister." 6She takes the extra and counts it up, leans over and gets a gooood look at Danil, then nods to herself and sets up a tab for him, so if he comes back, he'll get a little extra for his trouble.
<z> 6 Danil slurps up his stew with passable politeness, wiping his mouth with the edge of his sleeve. "So do I really have to go all the way into the city to find a girl, or are there any more local arrangements?" he asks her.
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<|||> <Requiem> "Sir, I don't really pick up whores, so I couldn't say. There might be one or two up the street."
<z> 6 Danil nods. "I understand, I hope I didn't offend you, you do seem like a very sweet girl." The next grin he flashes her reveals longer canines than normal for a human - this muscular longshoreman has demon blood in him. "You have rooms?"
* ||| Requiem doesn't seem bothered by the demonish traits. She nods. 1"Yessir, we sure do. How long would you like to stay?"
<z> 6 "Two nights, I think. A room for... two." Another rakish grin. "You don't object to ... guests in the rooms I would hope...?"
<|||> <Requiem> "Not at all. Cram as many in there as you can fit, sir. But you're the only one that gets meals and drinks for your stay."
<z> 6 Danil nods. "Understood." He puts down another short stack of coins. "This enough for two nights?"
* ^ a rustle of silk and faint chiming of delicate bells announces another patron entering.
* ^ Kenji is an apparent human with oriental features, ivory skin and long, long dark hair with a strange irridescent sheen to it when the light hits it right. He is a slim, delicate man with slanted eyes the color of jade. he moves with fluid grace, and looks almost choreographed.
* ||| Requiem quotes a price that's fair, if a little on the high side. Unless you factor in having to replace all the sheets. Then it's perfectly fair. 1"Looks to be enough," 6She glances to the newcomer. 1"Be right with you, sir, just let me get this gentleman set up with his room."
* ^ he is wearing a long kimono-like robe of silk, black at the shoulders and embroidered with stars, fading down to the bottom where it is a red sunset with pink and pale silver and gold clouds.
* ||| Kenji gets a few catcalls from some of the rowdier men.
* ^ his hair is held back with pins that have tiny silver and gold bells on them. At first glance, some might mistake him for a woman.
<z> 6 Danil knows he is overpaying. It might pay off in due course. "I can wait, I'll finish my dinner. By all means, go ahead and serve... our new friend here. My name is Danil," he greets the man. It is pure outgoingness, rather than interest.
* ||| yup. they do.
<|||> <Requiem> "Very well." 6She nods, turns to Kenji... pauses for half a heartbeat when she notices how *pretty* he is, then continues on with her, 1"Welcome to the Maiden's Folly. What can I get you?"
* ^ Kenji smiles sweetly. his teeth are very white.
<^> <Kenji> ::soft, faintly accented voice:: Thank you. May i trouble you for a cup of tea? something with cinnamon, if you have it.
* ^ he smiles and lowers his lashes a little at Danil.
<|||> <Requiem> "Oh sure, we have tea. It's only a few copper." 6She bustles about and then vanishes into the back for a bit to get the kettle on again.
<^> <Kenji> I am called Kenji.
<z> 6 "Pleased to meet you. So you must not be from around here either, judging from the reaction of some of the locals here..." he laughs softly. "You some kind of monk?"
* ^ Kenji blinks and looks down at himself.
<^> <Kenji> ... i'm a dancer.
* ^ wow. makeover time if someone thinks i look like a monk.
<z> 6 Danil thinks anyone in a kimono is a monk.
* ^ those samurai in the corner are going to kick his ass
* ||| lol yeah.
<z> 6 "I guess that's what the bells are for, eh?"
* ||| There are shouts from the parlor as Requiem returns with tea.
<^> <Kenji> most monks shave hteir heads, or at least partially
<z> 6 Danil nods. "So that's how you can tell. Say, this stew is great. put some hair on your chest. If you want it that is."
* ||| Requiem sighs as a nicely cushioned chair goes sailing from the room and dashes to catch it before it shatters to bits. Kenji's tea service, an asianesque tea service no less, is set on the bar in front of him.
* ^ Kenji has put several peices of silver, peirced in the middle, octagonal, and marked with a dragon, on the bar. he smiles and accepts his tea. does things very rituallized. so he's either into his tea or he's ocd
<z> 6 Danil wonders what the flying chair was about, but doesn't move to help Requiem keep the peace. Well, not unless she asks that is.
* ||| Nope. Requiem nabs the chair, and stalks into the parlor. 1"Okori! What have I told you about riling up the guests?!" 6She sits the chair down with a huff. 1"And Davi, you know better than to let him play!" 6More squabbling noises. A very tall, tan and completely bald gentleman is eying Kenji.
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* ^ Kenji sips his tea.
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<z> 6 Danil sees the man who is watching Kenji. "I think someone might be interested in a private dance, my well dressed friend..." he says to Kenji
<^> <Kenji> perhaps.
* ^ Kenji takes a small mirror from his sleeve and checks his makeup.
* ||| Requiem flings a dark-haired, mocha-skinned gentleman with eyes like cinnamon out into the main room. 1"There. Now stay out and work or fruit off, I don't care which." 6She smiles sweetly at the room in general and says, 1"Okori will be your server for the evening, to celebrate his *exceptionally* good luck at the tables tonight."
* ||| Okori sulks.
* ||| The bald guy is still staring.
<z> 6 Danil chuckles, wipes his mouth on his sleeve and pushes away his now empty trencher, and gulps down the last of his ale. Now it's time to go find a friend.
* ^ Kenji sips his tea and lets baldguy stare and tries not to show how amused he is at Okori.
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