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Default An Adventuring Company

The funding of all payments under these articles is the stock of what is attained in any expedition:
No Prey, No Pay.

The Captain: Elected member of the Company who is our leader. Once voted in, he must be voted out, there is no time limit to his duties. The Captain may use funds paid in as the Company's share to enrich the company.
Special officers:
Quartermaster:In charge of making sure all members are fed, clothed, equipped and sheltered while in employ of the company. until the Company numbers more than 20, the captain shall serve in this capacity, and if need, may claim the 1/2 share but not the whole 1 and 1/2 share the quarter master would get.
Chirurgeon:In charge of health and healing - also in charge of pensioning out the permanently injured who may no longer serve active duty.

Rate of Pay

Payment will be for any expedition gone on by a company member - all participating on any expedition will be referred to as 'crew'. Only people who are actually on the crew of the expedition will receive a share, other than the share given to the company itself. The company always gets a share, though not more than 25% of any take.
the Captain shall receive 2 shares of any loot, one for himself and one for his work for the company.
Specialty officers shall receive 1 1/2 shares.
other officers shall receive 1 1/4 shares.
All others participating shall receive 1 share.
The Captain shall give out special awards as needed.
Those who are not actively participating shall receive nothing.
the company itself shall receive a share to be held in trust against emergencies, weregild and other such needs.
  1. Every member has a vote on all issues where voting is required.
  2. Every active member may vote during a mission if it is called for, but only if it is called for.
  3. All members may ask for shelter and to be put up by the Company until it is deemed his or her welcome has been overstayed - inactive members are likely to find their welcome much shorter.
  4. Anyone who steals from the company will be killed or cast out with prejudice.
  5. No member shall rape or despoil while associated with the company.
  6. Any active crew who is not prepared for engagement, weapons and armor clean and ready, gear in good repair, or otherwise neglects his business shall be cut off from his share and be punished further as necessary.
  7. Withholding part of a treasure while in the Crew so as not to share with all will be punished as the Captain and Majority see fit. All treasure must be delivered up within 24 hours.
  8. At the Captain's discretion, the one who brings to us the Prey's trail shall have a special item from the treasure.
  9. The Company takes care of its own - any who are maimed or ruined while a member of the Crew will be given a pension.
  10. No weapons shall be loosed in close quarters for frivolous reasons - no dueling within the Company's dwellings or ships, and no non-personal magic for frivolous reasons.
  11. Need before greed shall take precedent in our sharing of loot - the Captain or officer in charge shall distribute all fairly and those who have a need for an item should speak up.
  12. Camp Followers, Children, and spouses shall not be permitted amongst us if that be their sole merit - those are not jobs we need filled.
  13. Any who's free time behavior causes problems for the whole Company shall be warned, then expelled.
  14. Deserting the Company during battle is reason for death or expulsion at the captain's whim.
  15. Disputes shall not be allowed during a mission - afterwards, outside of the company's holdings, disputes will be settled if they must be before an Officer by a duel if nothing else will suit, victor is he who draws first blood. If that is not suitable to those involved, the Captain will settle it for good within the Company.

All these articles are subject to change until finalized by the founders of the Company.

The Captain may reject anyone at any time for any reason.

Signing on is an agreement to abide by these rules.

Composed by
Wraithson Grey

Wraithson Grey
Dame Pheodra Lucinder Dupris
Valen Thornbreach
Alexi Volkov
Gabriel Salt

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Dame Pheodra Lucinder Dupris
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