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Old 04-20-2008, 05:41 PM
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Default log 1

Session Start: Sat Mar 29 16:22:55 2008
Session Ident: #StrangeDays
[16:22] * Now talking in #StrangeDays
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[16:43] <eatingcat> My daddy was a trucker, my momma a waitress at a truck stop... sounds like a country song.
[16:47] * ^ we are starting at ... everyone pick a resteraunt. first one everyone agrees on.
[16:48] <eatingcat> McDonalds!
[16:48] <|_|> Fine by me.
[16:48] <eatingcat> PF Changs.
[16:49] <|||> eww. fast food. Ok.
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[17:03] <```> Alyssa Duvall is the head of Special Projects in the Marketing Division of Goldman Sacks. She's 5'9" with italian leather heels, and wears real Chanelle earrings. Her hair is sable black, shoulder length and covers one baby blue eye, just slightly. The front is long, the back shorter, but not severe, it is a very attractive haircut. She's got on a black Pensil Skirt with dark blue pinstripes, <dust>
[17:03] <```> <dust> and a black silk blouse with tiny little sleeves and a thick strip of silk around the middle, tied in a fat bow on the back. She has tasteful silver jewelry, and her hair is twisted up in two black chopsticks in the back. Her skin is tan, freckles dot her little nose, and she sneers at her massive palm pilot cell phone as she loses her signal, "What the fuck? Robby? Robby? Can you hear me? If <dust>
[17:03] <```> <dust> you can hear me, you're fired! Okay sweety? Alright.. Bye... Fucking shit on an orphan, lose me another deal with Hongkong.." <ashes>
[17:09] * ^ it has been a strange overcast day since sunrise.
[17:09] * ^ you are in macdonalds, listening to some woman curse and several mothers in for dinner herd their kids further away from the chopstick wearing woman.
[17:09] * |_| Wes has a burger. Mmmm burger. And fries, mmmm fries. And has stretched his legs across the other seats at his uncomfortable McD's 'table' so nobody gets the idea to sit with him. He's a wiry redhead with a little goatee, in jeans and a ratty shirt and a leather jacket that has seen better decades. Though he's got a big mouth, he can't fit an entire burger in it so is eating like a
[17:10] * |_| relatively normal person.
[17:11] * ^^ in a corner sits a slim, slightly androgenous looking young man. He has messy chocolate brown hair and fair skin. He's wearing what is probably a woman's raincoat, made of some inference green- blue plastic that looks wet and luminous. Under that, he's wearing navy blue dress slacks, a pressed white dress shirt, and a belt made of many loops of chrome chain. He eats slowly, after arranging his french fries and cheese burger and
[17:11] <^^> {cut}===> french fries and cheese burger and soda just so.
[17:13] <```> Alyssa takes another bite of her salad and smiles pleasantly at the mothers, before sipping her iced tea. Flight cancelled, deal fell through, eating bullshit food and wasting valuable time, "Sorry about that, kids, see, miss Alyssa just lost a two million dollar deal with a tech company in China and is a little distraught about it."
[17:13] * ||| Another guy is sitting close enough to listen to the bitching idly while he finishes off a huge chocolate milkshake and a box of chicken mcnuggets. Lawson (or just Laws if you need a fix) has short black hair, a little on the oily side and five o'clock shadow that looks like it's been around since 2pm. He has on a shirt that was once black, but has long since been demoted to that odd shade <cut>
[17:13] <|||> <cont> of grey induced by repeated washings. His jeans are in slightly better repair, only frayed around the edges. He has on black boots, shades, and has a tattoo that says 'All Hail Discordia' on the back of his neck. <done>
[17:14] <```> <<hi kat!>>
[17:15] * |_| Wes has been intermittently watching the milf ass and giving sidelong looks at Miss Verbal Assault over there, whew, hot stuff after you just quit listening. Probably nag like a bitch though. Mmmm french fry.
[17:15] <^^> <<hi hi>>
[17:15] * ||| Lawson is more or less thinking 'god save me from the special snowflakes of the world' as he finishes off his milkshake.
[17:17] * ^^ Conrad is watching the sky as he eats.
[17:19] <```> Alyssa slides her salad away, her appetite long since expired with her christmas bonus. She attempts to check her email.. service no available.. she attempts to call out.. service not available.. she tries to get on the internet.. network down..... She sets the phone down on the tray very slowly.. The smooth skin of her chest, what is visible from her v-neck blouse, which is tasteful and not <dust>
[17:19] <```> <dust> hooterrific, lifts and falls as she simmers in her technological melt down.. <ashes>
[17:21] * ||| Lawson considers the last three nuggets and the fact that he has no more barbeque sauce. They always do that to you. Never quite enough sauce. Always just a little too much ice, which is why he got the milkshake, but he's starting to wonder if dairy and bbq really mix well.
[17:22] <```> Carefully, she removes the memory card and places it in his little clutch purse. She sets the phone on the ground, carefully, then stands up. Up comes her well toned calf, down comes her expensive heel. *crunch* She picks it up and puts it on her tray, then carries that to the garbage, and throws it all away. Except the tea, she sips that instead.
[17:24] * ^ of course ... the chubby chick with the frizzy messy blond hair on her cellphone stares at the woman who just stomped her cellphone.
[17:24] <^> <Chubbychick> gotta go, yeah, see you. ::click, tucks that away.::
[17:25] * ^ her cell was working just fine.
[17:25] * ||| Lawson shakes his head. Women are either: smart, sane, beautiful. Pick two out of three.
[17:26] * |_| Wes can't help but whistle at the display. And the cellphone-stomping. That's right, -use- those heels, baby...
[17:26] <```> Alyssa smiles at the blonde chick. It's a charming and well honed smile, her teeth are -perfect- and her darkish red lipstick is so well applied it's still perfect after eating and drinking, "I'll give you twenty dollars if I can make a thirty second call to New York on your cell."
[17:26] <^> <Chubbychick> No, thanks.
[17:27] * ^ Conrad sees some heatlightning behind the clouds. its purple and gold.
[17:28] <```> Alyssa raises a finely crafted brow slightly, "Your-" Hair looks awful. fat. kind of ugly. in need of a quality conditioner. a bitch.. no I'm a bitch, "call, thanks anyway.." She sips her iced tea and heads towards the door. She stops to look for her large and over priced sunglasses in her purse before exiting.
[17:28] <|||> <Lawson> "I'll let you use mine for fifty." And he pulls out... a Blackberry. one of the new models. It's a Curve and it's shiny and the wall paper is a blond chick showing over very pink nipples. He waggles it after the crazy lady.
[17:29] <```> The crazy lady regards Lawson. Then nods, "Deal, thanks. Probably could've got a lot more out of me than that though." She winks and extends her manicured fingers for the phone.
[17:30] * |_| Wes makes note of the nice expensive tech, then goes back to staring at Alyssa's ass.
[17:30] <|||> <Lawson> "Money first, sweetheart." He makes that universal thumb, index and middle finger slide that means pass me the cash, chicka.
[17:31] * ||| showing over? Showing off her.
[17:31] <```> It's a nearly perfect ass, the kind that comes from running and expensive gyms and trainers. She reaches into her purse and puts a fifty on the table, "Here.."
[17:32] <^^> <Conrad> do you have a news feed on your phone? Something is wrong.
[17:32] * ||| Lawson makes sure the little strip that says US fifty or whatever it is, is actually in it. Then hands her the phone. "Ten minutes starting when you hit send. Airtime isn't free til after 8 pm."
[17:32] * |_| Wes is likely to shove a fry up his nose if he keeps trying to eat and ogle at the same time. Good work, Other Guys, for distracting her!
[17:33] <^> <CC> Yes. ::checks:: I don't see anything new. what am i looking for?
[17:34] <```> Alyssa smiles at Lawson, "Thanks babe, I appreciate it, and to think, I only needed to pay fifty dollars.." She dials, "Hey, Robby, sorry, my phone dropped out. Did you get the last bit of my conversation? Oh, no? Okay.. Yeah.. Great.. Good work.. Uh huh.. Well, you're fired. Fired Fired Fired Fired. You're so fired, even this guy knows you're fired." Holds the phone out toward <dust>
[17:34] <```> <dust> Lawson's face, "Tell him he's fired babe." <ashes>
[17:35] <^^> <Conrad> the sky isn't right, the heat lightening is the wrong color
[17:35] <|||> <Lawson> "Lady paid me fifty bucks to use my phone to call and tell you your fired. You must be a really special fuck-up, Robert." Deadpan.
[17:36] <|||> <Lawson> "Though, being an accomplice to character assassination might cost you extra."
[17:37] <|_|> <Wes> "I'll tell 'im he's a fuckup for free, lady!"
[17:38] * ^ CC checks the weather.
[17:38] <^> <CC> ...thats odd. no feeds in the last hour.
[17:38] <```> Alyssa laughs, then draws the phone back, "Yeah, that fired... are you crying? You have to be kidding me.." She lowers the phone, "Whatever, I'll tip you well, he's really crying." She lifts the phone back up, "Hey Robby, sweety, if you're going to kill yourself do on JP Morgan's floor okay? Okay, here's some random guy to tell you how fucked up you are." She tosses it to Wes.
[17:39] * ^ the chubby chick gives Alyssa a look that suggests she thinks she has suckers on her belly and a mouth full of lamprey teeth, but says nothing.
[17:39] * ^ the lights flicker.
[17:39] * ||| Lawson casually gets up to retreive his phone from the hands of another man.
[17:40] * ^^ Conrad gets up. "Get the children off the metal playground equipment."
[17:40] * ||| The blond on the BlackBerry's wallpaper stares up at Wes lustfully.
[17:40] * |_| Wes catches it, laughing already. "Heeey, fucker, what you doin' making a sweet girl like this work so hard, huh? It's bye-bye-- I'm almost done, swear, won't take long," to Lawson.
[17:40] <|||> <Lawson> "I'll wait. Don't spit on it."
[17:41] * ^ the lights go out. the phone goes dead on the other end.
[17:41] <```> <Alyssa> "Thanks for the use of your phone. Sorry about the passing around, got a little carried away. Tell R-" She glance up at the lights, then rolls her eyes, "I hate this state..."
[17:41] <^> <Chubby Chick> it hates you too, sweetheart.
[17:41] <|_|> <Wes> "Ain't gonna spit on it, jesus. Where was-- Crap. I didn't do it!" He shoves it back at Lawson.
[17:41] <```> <Alyss> "Yes, well you're fat. Can I buy you another twelve cheeseburgers?"
[17:42] <^> <CC> No, you can kiss me right in the crack of the ass, because your face is so narrow it wont' even touch the sides.
[17:42] * ^^ Conrad runs to the door to the playyard. "Come inside! NOW!"
[17:43] <^> <CC> hatchet faced cunt... ::glances at Conrad and blinks.::
[17:43] * ^ lightning rolls.
[17:43] * ^ right up the street. like fireworks.
[17:44] * ||| Lawson polishes the phone, puts it back in his case, and looks around. "Just another lovely day in America." He ambles towards the fuss in question, namely Conrad, and pauses to watch the natural pyrotechnics go off.
[17:44] * ^ hope no one parked actually on the street - because if you did, your car is just gone.
[17:44] * ^^ Conrad will drag anyone he can reach inside
[17:44] * |_| Wes's attention is drawn to the...ball lightning? "Sonnuva crap, wow."
[17:45] <```> Alyssa chuckles, "Sweety I'd need a bag of flour just to-" She looks to Conrad then jerks as lightening flies past... then winces as Enterprises Audi Coupe explodes. "Wow..."
[17:46] * ^ flickers of fire pop from the rolling ball of gold and purple electrical energy. Conrad gets a skinny black girl about 4 - dressed in a dirty jumper, barefoot, hair is one of those horrible 'i braided it at the first of the month, its fine now.' hairdoos. Conrad sees the mother, who sort of shoves her at Conrad, go up in sparks and ash.
[17:46] * ^ id does not explode. it just vanishes in metalic dust and a few smears of metal slag on the street.
[17:46] * ^^ Conrad pushes the child in Wes' arms and tries for anyone else he can
[17:47] * ^ nope. no one out front is still there. neither is the little play area - its gone.
[17:47] * |_| Wes gets kidded. "What the fuck? Hi kid, pretend you didn't hear nothin'."
[17:48] <```> Alyssa just stands there, staring at the play area that once was.. she stumbles back onto a table and leans on it for support, "Oh my god.." Then she shakes her head and dashes towards the counter, she'll grab a phone and dial 911 frantically.
[17:48] <|||> <Lawson> "Well, looks like we'll be waiting out the storm here, then." He peers at the kid, to make sure it's all in one piece, and then gets the hell away from the door.
[17:48] <^^> <Conrad> where is the staff?
[17:49] * ^ no dialtone.
[17:49] * ^ its getting very dark, very fast outside.
[17:50] * ^^ Conrad looks around.
[17:50] * |_| Wes peers out a window, not getting too close, still holding onto the little black girl...even if she squiggles like crazy. He doesn't have half-a-billion nieces and nephews for nothing. "The fuckin' hell."
[17:50] <```> Alyssa drops the phone, clank, "No dialtone.. must've shorted out the system... Hey mister, phone guy, call 911."
[17:50] <|||> <Lawson> "My phone went out before. No signal."
[17:50] <^^> <Conrad> to do what? their fire engines and ambulences and police cars will be gone
[17:51] * ^ the little girl is frozen in place, eyes big and round.
[17:51] <```> <Alyssa> "The lightening went past.. maybe they could get EMS out here.. there might be survivors.."
[17:51] * ^ the petstore next door is going nuts - you can hear howls and screeches of cats and dogs.
[17:52] <|||> <Lawson> "Hey kid, want a milkshake?"
[17:53] * ^ the Chubby chick looks out and at the street and then the sky.
[17:54] * ^^ Conrad nods, accepting that logic, and then lightly jumps the counter to check the back
[17:54] * ^ no one is back there. gone.
[17:55] * ^ a pile of dust and a mc'd's uniform is near the window wher eyou hand out food
[17:55] * ^^ He peeks out the loading dock
[17:55] * ||| Lawson helpfully sidles around to the back of the machines, and after a moment, returns with a small strawberry milkshake - it'll just be wasted with the power out anyway. "C'mon kid, you know you want one..."
[17:56] <```> Alyssa looks around outside, is there still lightening, or has it calmed down?
[17:56] <|_|> <Wes> "Lightning don't just strike once. And McD's probably ain't got a basement."
[17:56] * ^ the kid is not moving at all. like a scared possum.
[17:56] <```> Arms and legs stuck up in the air>>
[17:57] * |_| Wes will nab the shake for her. Mm strawberry...oh wait, impending doom.
[17:57] * ||| Lawson sighs and goes to her. It'd half to be a kid. He elbows Wes. "Chill man - get your own, I popped the lid."
[17:58] <|_|> <Wes> "I'm holdin' her, I get nothin'?" Which is true, she got shoved to him and he hasn't put her down yet.
[17:58] <```> Alyssa looks up and down the street, at neighboring buildings for anything that might be old construction, rather than modern cement slab and light weight steel truss.
[17:59] <|||> <Lawson> "So give her here and go get your own." Jesus Christ on a crutch.
[18:00] <^^> <Conrad> even the people inside are gone.
[18:01] <|_|> <Wes> "You gonna piss all over the place 'cause of a milkshake, you keep it." He sidles more toward the middle of the room, avoiding all the crappy McD's furniture. Maybe they conduct electricity.
[18:03] * ||| Lawson rolls his eyes, and lets Wes stalk off with the kid. Sits the milkshake on the table and starts trying to see if there's any sort of a signal on his phone.
[18:03] <```> <Alyssa> "Guys, I don't mean to be a pessimist, but that lightening ran all the way down the street, there's probably hundred of dead, who gives a shit about a milk shake.. We need to find a safe place..."
[18:04] <|||> <Lawson> "I'm not dead, so don't see a problem just yet. We're inside, we're dry, and unless the deep fat frier comes to life, I think we're pretty safe too."
[18:05] * ^ the Chubby chick goes right out the door.
[18:05] * ^ heading for the petstore.
[18:05] <^^> <Conrad> this place is as safe as any. We have bottled water, food, and... coloring books.
[18:05] <|_|> <Wes> "Yeah, who knows when another lightning thing is gonna come by an-- Thar she goes."
[18:06] * ||| Lawson watches the chick leave and shakes his head. He does, however, go to the door and watch to make sure she doesn't get fried to a crisp by lightning.
[18:06] * ^ nope. she skeedaddles up and goes in the back 'employees only' entrance.
[18:06] <```> Alyssa watches miss chubs, "This place is full of metal and windows, the roof is even made of metal, and there's metal units up there.. Can't we find something masonry or wood?"
[18:07] * ^^ Conrad will follow her. He hands some bottled water to alyssa, absently, as he goes by.
[18:07] <|||> <Lawson> "Hey lady, maybe letting loose a bunch of randomly pissed animals when people might want to get to their cars later... not a good idea?" He calls after her.
[18:08] * ||| Then, it occurs to him that he could go to *his* car, and he starts thataway - parked just outside. Black crew cab truck. It has chrome wheels, but no spinners. Looks jarringly out of place with his whole grungy white-boy look.
[18:08] <|_|> <Wes> "Car gets fuckin' vaporized and people are runnin' out there....jesus crap. Didn't get us here on the first go-round, right?"
[18:09] <```> She takes the water bottle, but stares after Chubbs, "Yeah.. I wouldn't have gone in there... Maybe she's an animal lover." She glances at Lawson between light eyeshadow and liner, "Hey... Don't leave me.." She follows after him.
[18:09] * ^ its very very dark out.
[18:09] * ^ the little girl makes a little gaspy noise if you're taking her with you.
[18:09] <|||> <Lawson> "Leave you? Sweetheart, I don't even know you."
[18:10] * |_| Wes mutters about this being bullshit, swigs some strawberry milkshake, then heads for the door...pausing when the girl gasps. "Hey, you live, honey, you 'kay?"
[18:10] * ^ she's staring at the middle of the recently scoured-by-electricity street.
[18:10] <```> <Alyssa> "Look at me! I'm from Ohio, I live in New York, I've never been in an Earth Quake and I don't even have a car..."
[18:12] * |_| Wes squints that way. It's a ...streeeeet.... He looks both ways out the door for the lightning bus coming for another drive-by.
[18:12] <|||> <Lawson> "And... you want me to do what?" He's looking around, keeping an eye out for ball lightning, weird noises, and general mayhem while getting the keys to his truck out of one pocket. Nearly loses his cigarettes, pauses, cusses, and saves those before maneuvering further.
[18:14] <```> Alyssa walks out quickly and gets near to Lawson, then a little more near when she realizes how dark it is, "Take me with you, wherever you're going, just not here. You can't leave me, it's against the man rules.. laws.. whatever."
[18:15] <|||> <Lawson> "I thought you were one of those liberated business women."
[18:15] * ^ there are three people dancing in the faintly smoking street. dressed in weird outfits - one has rabbit ears, one is wearing a coyote face mask, and one has a cloak of feathers made to look like big black wings like a native american dancer
[18:17] <|_|> <Wes> "Hey what the fuck you-didn't-hear-that... HEY!" At whoever of the McD's crew is still visible. He sidles out the door and points at the three people. "Do you see that?"
[18:17] <|||> <Lawson> "... I need a cigarette."
[18:17] * ^ they're wearing a jumble of fashion or non-fashion - all very lean young men. the raven guy is black, the coyote guy has a more hispanic/native american skin tone and the rabbit ear hatted guy is a golden tan. they are dressed summery.
[18:17] * ^ no one of the md's crew is around.
[18:18] * ^ not a one. no parents. no kids but the little girl.
[18:18] * ||| Which, fortunately, he has one. Now... where's that lighter...?
[18:18] <```> <Alyssa> "I'm a business woman, but I'm not liberated. I like being a woman, I don't want to be a man... Me too." She pulls out a marb light from her purse and lights it.. then offers her own.
[18:18] * |_| Then he doesn't holler, but boggles and heads...toward the other door on the other side of the McD's. Usually they have two. He doesn't want to mess with guys who wander around in fucked-up times looking like that, shit no.
[18:20] * |_| oh, well, meant the people who had been in McD's with him, not necessarily the staff, justincase.
[18:20] * ||| Lawson's cigarettes are hand rolled, and he takes the lighter and lights his own, takes a drag, and then looks around some more. No more ominous lightning, he figures... probably best to head somewhere that'd have lights on.
[18:20] * ^ inside the petstore - the animals have stopped making noise.
[18:20] <```> <Alyssa> "Dude. Unlock your car so we can get in it.. don't tell me we can't smoke inside... You hear that?"
[18:21] * ^ the chubby chick backs up.
[18:21] <|||> <Lawson> "... what'd she do to make 'em shut up I wonder..." And yes, he does unlock the doors. Truck makes that bee-booup noise and the headlights flash once.
[18:21] <^^> <Conrad> is anyone...?
[18:21] * ^^ Conrad backs up too
[18:22] <```> Alyssa jumps in the truck.
[18:22] * ^ Conrad sees a tall rangey boy - he's seen him a few times - Eating a half grown dog. not like taking bites. like a snake, face distended around the dog and swallowing it whole.
[18:22] <^> <CC> i'm outta here.
[18:23] * ^^ Conrad agrees. He grabs her arm and runs back to McD's
[18:23] * ^ back they go.
[18:23] * ||| Lawson sits on the driver's side and takes another drag on the cigarette. "What the fuck are they doin?"
[18:23] * |_| Bike bike bike...Wes looks for his motorcycle, which was crammed into a space somewhere...probably on the other side. Crap. He jumps with a squawk when the other McD's door bangs.
[18:23] * ^ the dance party passes on up the street. heading for the freeway, they are making good time in spite of dancing along.
[18:24] * ^^ Conrad stops to watch them.
[18:24] * ^ where did the girl end up, anyway?
[18:24] * ^^ He turns in a slow circle, focusing on the ones who are smoking.
[18:24] * |_| Wes is still carrying her. Will tell you when he puts her down.
[18:25] * ||| Lawson nods to Conrad. That manly headbob business. "What's goin' on man?"
[18:25] <^^> <Conrad> you don't smoke menthol's, do you?
[18:25] <```> Alyssa shrugs helplessly and smokes like a fanatic..
[18:25] <|||> <Lawson> "Not me, no."
[18:25] <|||> <Lawson> "Grow my own." And yes, it's tobacco.
[18:26] <^^> <Conrad> offer some to them
[18:27] <```> Alyssa throws a cigarette at Conrad violently, "Here!"
[18:27] <|||> <Lawson> "... you gotta be kidding me..." He eyes the dancers, who he had been happy to deny the existance of until then.
[18:29] * |_| Wes creeps back to the dancer side of the McD's, sidling up to CC. "You see that shit? What happened to the pet shop?"
[18:29] <^> <CC> guy on duty's eating all the animals. Ate most of them by the time i managed to get the door open.
[18:30] <|||> <Lawson> "... right. And I'm supposed to be going over to give the local drama club cigarettes in the meanwhile... " He takes another long drag on the cigarettes, and peers to see how close the guys are, and if they look like killers or addicts or anything else other than dancers.
[18:31] * |_| Wes jawdrops at CC. "You're shittin' me. Knew goin' out there was a bad idea."
[18:31] * ^ Another one has joined them, a tall oriental man wearing a tigerprint kimono.
[18:31] <```> Alyssa flips her cig butt out the window and puts her seatbelt on, "I like this truck.. I used to have a ford f-150." She mumbles.. she's trying not to notice the dancers.
[18:32] <^^> <Conrad> it's polite.
[18:33] * ^^ Is Alyssa smoking Lawson's home grown?
[18:33] * ^ i think she has marlborough
[18:34] <|||> <Lawson> "...polite. Right." He looks at Conrad, then back at the dancers. "Heh. Fine, screw it. All hail Discordia, right?" He hops down from the cab, keys still in hand, in case a certain woman decides she wants a joy ride, and heads towards the dancers - avoiding smoking asphalt.
[18:34] <```> <Nope, marbs>
[18:34] * ^^ Conrad avoids being hit, then. He stares at Lawson.
[18:34] * ||| Lawson has taken his shades off - too freaking dark.
[18:35] * ||| He has very green eyes.
[18:35] <```> Alyssa sits in the truck and stares at her nails..
[18:35] * ^ the Coyote guy leaves the others to dance and lets Lawson get close.
[18:35] * ^^ Conrad's eyes are large and grey
[18:35] * |_| Wes edges out the door a little when he sees Lawson come into view toward the dancers. Whether he might assist, or book it toward his bike while Lawson distracts them...who knows? The kid still hiked up in his arms.
[18:36] * ^ CC glances at her own vehical, a battered vw van.
[18:36] <^> <CC> you have a ride? ::to conrad.::
[18:36] * ||| Lawson offers him a cigarette.
[18:36] <|||> <Lawson> "Kid says you like to smoke."
[18:37] * |_| Wes mutters to the little girl, "Hope you got sense enough to be able to hold on if we gotta jet."
[18:37] * ^ he smiles under his coyote mask and takes it. he lights it with a very old ww2 steel case lighter.
[18:37] <|||> <Lawson> "... nice."
[18:37] * ^ one puff, two. third puff he smiles and offers it to lawson.
[18:38] <^^> <Conrad> no, I walked
[18:38] * ^ his teeth aren't human. he has teeth like a dog. or a coyote. the eyes looking out of the mask are coyote eyes.
[18:38] <^^> <Conrad> if we are leaving, we should take some of the bottled water, at least.
[18:38] * ||| Lawson figures, best not to argue with a good hallucination, and will take his two puffs and pass it back. Puff puff give. Never fuck up the rotatin.
[18:38] * ||| rotation*
[18:39] <^> <Coyote> Peace then, brother. When you hear the thunder, get off the road, Thunderbird's feeling his temper.
[18:40] <|||> <Lawson> "Thanks for the advice. Peace, man." er...coyote. you know. guy.
[18:41] <|_|> <Wes> "Bottled water, right...holler if anythin' blows up." He'll plunk the little girl down somewhere with no furniture nearby, justincase, then edge toward the back to rummage.
[18:41] <```> Alyss puts on more lipstick.. why, because that's what she does when she's nervous.
[18:41] * ^ the coyote takes the cigarette with him and passes it to the rabbit eared guy. puff puff pass to the others one at a time. and on they go.
[18:42] <^> <CC> I have a five gallon jug in the truck - the water at my house is full of sand.
[18:42] * ||| Lawson backs up, and doesn't turn his back to the dancers til they are moving on. Just in case.
[18:43] * ^ the kimono guy has a tail. a long tiger striped tail.
[18:44] * |_| Wes will also stash a couple of those little pies in their cardboard sliders, cold ones, never know when you're gonna need one, right? It's too freaky out for him to more than glance at the cash register. He returns shortly with water bottles and holds them out.
[18:44] <^^> <Conrad> thank you. It never hurts to have extra
[18:45] <|||> <Lawson> "Unn huh." Back to his truck he goes. "Coyote says we stay off the road when the thunder goes by." He glances at Alyss in his truck and shakes his head slightly.
[18:45] <```> Alyssa looks at him, "What? I'm.. guarding the truck!"
[18:45] * ^^ Conrad nods.
[18:45] <|_|> <Wes> "No prob. How you doin', honey?" As he crouches down by the little girl again, wagging one of the lukewarm pies."
[18:46] * ^ she's veeerry quiet. big staring eyes.
[18:46] <|||> <Lawson> "Guarding it with what? The lipstick?"
[18:47] <^^> <Conrad> where will we go?
[18:47] <|_|> <Wes> "Man, you gonna be scarred for life. C'mon." He hoists her up again and offers the pie to Conrad and CC. If neither take, he will.
[18:47] <```> <Alyssa> "My gun got vaporized with my car, what more do you want from me?"
[18:47] <|||> <Lawson> "Alright. I'll drop people off in town, or some place not too far, but if you want to go see your dear old granny in Montreal, I ain't the one."
[18:48] <^> <CC> my house i guess. .... shit...
[18:48] <^^> <Conrad> thank you
[18:48] * ^ the petstore front door is open.
[18:48] * ^^ Conrad samples the pie.
[18:48] <^^> <Conrad> we should go now.
[18:48] * ||| The truck is a crew cab, could probably seat five people if they don't mind a little incidental leg brushing, or four if they do... shit? What is shit? Lawson swivels to look at the CC.
[18:48] * |_| Wes gives Conrad a nod and looks to CC, then out the window. "What huh?"
[18:48] <^> <CC> I'll start the car. ::hops in her VW van and starts it up.::
[18:49] <^^> <Conrad> the snake man is out.
[18:49] * |_| Wes follows CC. The kid isn't gonna cling, and his motorcycle probably isn't going anywhere in this freaky weather.
[18:49] * ||| Lawson decides now is a fine time to get the truck started so they can get the hell out. "All in who's getting in then."
[18:49] <```> <Alyssa> "Avoid it.. run it over... this is a ford, it's good to go for running things over.."
[18:50] <^^> <Conrad> lets stay together, in a convoy? and not go the same way as the spirit dancers
[18:50] <|||> <Lawson> "Fine with me, and honey, just because it's the end of the world, there's no reason to fuck up my paint job."
[18:50] <```> Alyssa glances at him, "End of the world?" Her voice is a peep.
[18:50] <^> <CC> in who's getting in. I'm heading to my house.
[18:51] <^^> <Conrad> I will go with you
[18:51] <|||> <Lawson> "We got people eating pets, weird dancers with animal fangs and yellow eyes. It's the end of the world or a bad trip."
[18:51] * |_| Wes and the little girl are in, they were in forever ago, they were in yesterday!
[18:52] * ^ the hedge around the front of the petshop ...wiggles.
[18:52] * ||| Lawson puts the truck in gear and waits for CC to get a move on.
[18:52] <```> Alyssa can't get back to New York.. not that there is anything there.. Maybe her dad's in Ohio, but who knows, that's so far away.. "I'm Alyssa.."
[18:52] <^> <CC> no time to warm her up, off we go. ::she just sort of coasts down the steep driveway towards the street, the engine sounds like and overexcited sewing machine.
[18:53] * ^^ Conrad quickly tugs on the seat belt. or attempts to
[18:53] <|||> <Lawson> "Lawson. Laws." He takes off after CC.
[18:53] <```> <Alyssa> "Oh my god.. bad hair and a hippie.."
[18:54] * |_| Wes buckles the kid in but just hangs onto the ohshit bar himself.
[18:54] <|||> <Lawson> "What?"
[18:54] <```> <Alyssa> "The girl who hates me.."
[18:54] * ^ then BANG and it starts up properly. putpputtputt over the overpass they go! and a thing shaped vaguely like a snake if snakes were as big around as a snow tire and had a distorted human head lunges out at Lawson's car as they pass. Bangs its brace encrusted front teeth on the side and makes the owwwwww face.
[18:54] <```> Alyssa squeeeeeeeeeeels.
[18:55] <|||> <Lawson> "Fuck!" More over his vehicle.
[18:55] <^^> <Conrad> can we go faster?
[18:55] <^> <CC> you want to get out and push, maybe.
[18:56] <^^> <Conrad> I'm pushing mentall, if that helps
[18:56] <^^> y
[18:56] <^> <Little Girl> Snake. Snake snake snake snake snake snake snake snake.
[18:57] <|_|> <Wes> "Yeah, honey, it's okay, just don't look out the windows or nothin'."
[18:58] * ^ froooom! up the freeway they go. its dark as hell and there are *no* other cars on the road. none.
[18:58] <```> <Cynthia> "I.. don't know where to go. Can't get back to New York.." She's looking out the window, watching the nothingness that is the unnight.
[18:59] <|||> <Lawson> "That's why we're following the chick who hates you right now."
[18:59] * ^ ....where the hell did cynthia come from?
[18:59] * ||| a freezer, last time.
[18:59] * ||| wasn't it?
[18:59] <```> <wow, flashback>
[18:59] * |_| Wes watches out the back, though it's probably even harder to see, just to make sure nothing is following them beside Lawson's truck.
[18:59] <```> Alyssa.
[18:59] * ^^ giggles
[19:00] * ^ they pass the mall. empty. no cars.
[19:00] <```> <Alyssa> "Go to the mall.. we need weapons.."
[19:00] <|_|> <Wes> "Fuckin' hell, this is like Stephen King shit."
[19:01] * ^ CC does not turn - keeps going straight.
[19:01] * ||| Lawson tries to get the radio going. A little traveling music would be nice.
[19:01] <^^> <Conrad> I wonder why we were chosen to live?
[19:01] <|_|> <Wes> "God loves McD's?"
[19:01] * ^ whispers. at first it sounds like white noise and then whispers. not quite coherent. laughter.
[19:01] <^> <CC> then why'd all the people working there die?
[19:02] * ||| Lawson raises an eyebrow. And puts in a CD. Sound track to Kill Bill.
[19:02] <|_|> <Wes> "Okay, so I got nothin'. Your turn."
[19:02] * ||| it was right next to the one for Sweenie Todd.
[19:02] <^^> <Conrad> there were 5 of us...
[19:02] * ||| and two disks to the left of the one for the Fifth Element.
[19:02] * ^ turn off on a little country road, up a narrow street.
[19:03] <^> <CC> Six.
[19:03] <```> Alyssa shudders, "Where's she taking us.."
[19:03] <|||> <Lawson> "Maybe to the meat packing plant."
[19:03] * ||| dryly.
[19:03] * ^ mmm yum yum yum
[19:03] <^^> <Conrad> still a cosmic number
[19:03] <^> <CC> not quite the same kind though.
[19:04] * ||| Lawson, making your fears far worse since 1982.
[19:04] * ^ up a gravel road after that.
[19:04] <```> <Alyssa> "Uh.. we need to think.. Supplies.. Food, water, medical, weapons, fuel, survival stuff.."
[19:05] <|_|> <Wes> "Okay, so it's just dumb luck then. Let's try and stay lucky. Don't suppose you got a beer at your place."
[19:05] * ^ big ugly metal gate. ugly metal fence with some old weeds climbing up in. she stops and gets out and opens the gate - it screeeeches rustily.
[19:05] <|||> <Lawson> "Afraid I'm the wrong guy for that."
[19:05] <^> <CC> I have beer. you won't like it.
[19:06] <```> <you do realize conrad is the only one in the car with CC?>>
[19:06] * |_| Wes and the girl are. :P))
[19:06] * ||| nope, everyone else is with CC.
[19:06] * ^ yep. fat chicks get all the men who don't have cars of their own.
[19:07] * ^^ conrad gets out, too. "I'll close it after you all pull in"
[19:07] * |_| if this was hollywood, everyone in CC's car would be doomed since Alyssa and Lawson are obviously the main couple.))
[19:08] <```> How the fuck do I always end up doomed with lana?!>>
[19:08] * ^^ you forget comedy relief
[19:08] * ^ no, skinny well groomed high maintinance bitches always die.
[19:08] * |_| maybe if we muss her a bit, she'll live.
[19:08] * ||| Lawson will make her put out in good time.
[19:08] * ^ they always kill em.
[19:08] <```> the dumb ones, the smart ones are the heroine because a fat girl always dies first.>>
[19:09] * ^ has never seen a horror movie with a fat chick, actually, who wasn't the one killing the skinny bitches.
[19:09] <```> lol>>
[19:09] <|||> <Lawson> "This is so charmingly rural." He pulls in, careful not to hit Conrad or anything.
[19:09] * ^ she pulls up then and heads up the road a little to make room for Lawson. waits for conrad to get in.
[19:09] <```> Alyssa glances at Lawson, "What do you mean not the one for that?"
[19:11] <|||> <Lawson> "I'm not the one to pitch a tent and distill water out of piss. Suppose I can catch and clean a kill if it's the only way to get a steak."
[19:11] * ^^ Conrad shuts the gate and gets back in
[19:12] * ^ big ugly rambling house. looks like it has seen better days. two of the windows are boarded up.
[19:13] * |_| Wes eyes their surroundings past the gate, looking for anything freaky and trying not to wonder how extensive this stuff is.
[19:13] * ^ she parks in the gravel drive out front, under a little awning. there's enough room for Lawson if he parks carefully.
[19:13] <```> <Alyssa> "My dad took me camping a lot... Oh shit.. I've seen this movie." She gestures to the house as she lights another cigarette.
[19:14] * ||| Lawson is very careful, despite already having a face print on the side of the truck, most likely.
[19:14] * ^ there's a pair of stone lions out front, about the size of collies. look like granite.
[19:14] * ^^ Conrad pats them once he's out of the car.
[19:14] <^> <CC> dont' bother locking it, if anyone's around to steal it, they need it more than i do, i'm sure.
[19:15] <|_|> <Wes> "So uh....you live alone or what?" After CC, while he gets the kid unbuckled and out of the car.
[19:15] * ^ she blinks at conrad patting the lions but goes and leans on the door a little and undoes the deadbolt. opens up.
[19:15] * ^ lightswitch - she seems to have power.
[19:15] <^> <CC> got power. go on in, living room is down some stairs, don't trip.
[19:16] * ||| Lawson lets the truck idle and waits to be sure there's no screams, blood curdling or otherwise. When nothing is forthcoming, he kills the engine. "Alright babe, out."
[19:16] * |_| Wes hauls the kiddo inside and toward the aforementioned living room.
[19:18] * ^ might have been expenisve once. has some signs of attempts at restoration here and there - kitchen is pretty new. cheap looking but new. good oven and range. cheap fridge. casket freezer.
[19:19] * ^ livingroom has a flagstone floor and fireplace. looks like its cold as hell in the winter but its summery and not bad.
[19:19] <^^> <Conrad> thank you for inviting us.
[19:19] * ^ furniture is mostly saggy old leather couches.
[19:19] <```> Alyssa hops out and ticks her way up the walk towards the house, puffing her cigarette.
[19:19] * ||| Lawson hops out, closes the doors and locks up out of habit. Heads on inside - no sense getting eaten on the front porch.
[19:20] * |_| Wes plunks the kid down on a couch and waves a hand in front of her face to see if she's still trapped in lala-land.
[19:20] * ^ a sound like godzilla roaring in the distance rolls over the sky.
[19:20] <```> Alyssa will hurry ahead of him, so his body can shield her from death from the rear.
[19:20] <```> She heel-sprints when godzilla sounds off.
[19:20] * ^ CC stops alyssa at the door.
[19:20] * ||| Lawson pinches her ass to get her to hurry up.
[19:20] <^> <CC> toss the cigarette.
[19:21] * ||| Alyssa's ass, since reaching around her to pinch CC's ass would not be feasible.
[19:21] <^^> <Conrad> do you have a basement?
[19:21] * ^ probably would get him punched.
[19:21] <^> <CC> no, this is california, not a lot of basements here.
[19:21] <```> Alyssa power smokes and tosses it out.. She eeps as her butt is pinched and coughs smoke, then giggles and heads inside..
[19:23] <^^> <Conrad> there didn't used to be a lot of giant reptiles, either. Or at least, not in the last 80 million years
[19:23] <^> <CC> i dont' think my house sprouted a basement. if it were going to do that, it could have at least sprouted a better kitchen first.
[19:24] <```> <Alyssa> "Okay... I'm Alyssa.. This is Law.." She gestures to her chauffer.
[19:25] <^^> <Conrad> I am Conrad
[19:25] <^> <CC> Phylliss. Just call me Phil - its shorter and i hate the name anyway.
[19:26] * ||| Lawson would make her ride in the cab if she acted like he was a chauffer. "Nice to meet you, Phil. Why are we here?"
[19:26] <^> <CC> you followed me. this is my house, why are *you* here?
[19:26] * ^^ Conrad hides a smile behind his hand. "I think we need a plan."
[19:27] * ^ Phil seems astonished that they asked why they followed her. how the hell does she know. lol
[19:27] <|||> <Lawson> "I followed the kid, actually."
[19:27] <```> Alyssa glances at Conrad, that's a very good question.. Why arn't we gathering things that will keep us alive, "We need to think about the stuff we need to live.. Phil, do you have any guns, maybe an axe of ballpeen hammer?"
[19:27] <```> or ballpeen*
[19:27] * ||| Lawson figured they were picking somone up, and would be leaving soon.
[19:28] <^> <Phil> ... I have a lot of tools. In case you hadn't noticed, t his place needs a lot of work.
[19:29] <```> <Alyssa> "Then I think we all need to get something that we can fight with, find a safe room, a pensil and paper, and a safe room to talk in.."
[19:29] <```> <<make one safe room a radio>>
[19:29] <^^> <Conrad> I'm sure we we already have most of that, here. We also will need to get some shoes for the baby
[19:30] * |_| Wes heads over after determining that the little girl is still mentally AWOL. "Hey, disaster plan? Nice. 'M Wes, don't know about the kid."
[19:30] <^> <Phil> ... i can cut her some moccasins but they'd be pretty crude.
[19:30] * ^ she's out of it.
[19:30] <|_|> <Wes> "With those freaky guys? Moccasins probably great."
[19:30] <```> <Alyssa> "I know we have it -here-, but we need it in hand."
[19:31] <^^> <Conrad> please don't take this wrong, but you seem a bit quick tempered for me to be comfortable with you bearing arms in my area.
[19:31] <|||> <Lawson> "Lyss, you see that couch over there? I want you to go park your pretty little ass on it and stop making demands for a second, 'kay?"
[19:31] <^> <Phil> ...
[19:32] <^> <Phylliss> You're talking to *her*, right?
[19:32] <|||> <Lawson> "Your name is Phil. Not Lyss."
[19:32] * ||| he's almost sure he got that right.
[19:32] * ||| Now he has to think about it. Damned women and their trick questions.
[19:32] <^> <Phil> i'll make coffee.
[19:32] * ^^ giggles
[19:33] <^^> <Conrad> thank you, I'd love some
[19:33] * ^ phil has a weird glass stove top percolator. she puts it on.
[19:33] <```> Alyssa gives Lawson a flat look, then ticks her way over the couch and sits down. She folds her legs and her arms, "Just trying to be helpful.. I mean, you know, there's horrible monsters outside and we're all defenseless with no plan.. you know, no big deal.."
[19:34] <|_|> <Wes> "Was that Godzilla just then or what?" Gonna go look out a front window or the peephole in the door, whatever gives a better view.
[19:34] <|||> <Lawson> "The Coyote guy said the Thunderbird is in a pissy mood. I'd assume we're fine here, since this is as far off the road as we could possibly be and still be able to drive."
[19:35] <```> <Alyssa> "That doesn't exactly cover humanoid snakes Law.."
[19:35] <|||> <Lawson> "Yeah, but there's stairs here. Snakes don't do stairs."
[19:35] * ^ big plate window with 2 casement style on either side.
[19:36] <^^> <Conrad> I agree. Also, we have no evidence that a ballpeen hammer will stop godzilla
[19:36] * ^^ Conrad suspects it will not
[19:36] <```> Alyssa raises a brow, "No shit?" She looks to Conrad, "No, but it'll give us a fighting chance against smaller stuff.. Look, I don't know what to do.. I'm just trying to help.." She's nearly whispering.
[19:37] <|||> <Lawson> "In that case, we may as well have a drink and wait to see what's next. My vote is for fire breathing dragonflies or something else equally amusing in theory but probably not so funny once you're on fire."
[19:37] <^^> <Conrad> I don't mean to suggest you are not, I'm trying to stimulate a discussion so we can come to agreement about what to do.
[19:38] * ^ its dark as hell. nothing to look at but the cars in the drive.
[19:38] <|_|> <Wes> "Hey, anybody got the time? Or are we in the Twilight Zone and the watches stopped already?"
[19:39] <^> <Phil> clock on the mantle should be right.
[19:39] * ^^ Conrad checks his watch
[19:39] * ^ its 7:39
[19:39] * ^ the clock on the mantle says 7:42 tho.
[19:40] <^^> <Conrad> i've lost 3 minutes, or her clock is fast
[19:41] <```> <Alyssa> "I do this for a living, put together projects, organize resources, task out stuff, get stuff rolling.. time lost is lost and you never get it back, I think we need to get out a notebook and start making a plan of action..."
[19:41] <^> <Phil> close enough for government work.
[19:41] <|_|> <Wes> "So first on the list is what, 'in case of Godzilla, ....'"
[19:42] <^^> <Conrad> call the French and let them deal with it
[19:42] <|||> <Lawson> "In the movies, he just wants a babe to carry around."
[19:42] <|_|> <Wes> "Thought that was King Kong."
[19:42] <```> <Alyssa> "No, Godzilla is not something we can deal with. Let's start with what we can deal with.. don't get any ideas Law.."
[19:43] <|||> <Lawson> "Right, right. Always get those two mixed up."
[19:43] <|||> <Lawson> "At least it's not Jurrasic Park, right?"
[19:44] <|_|> <Wes> "Ain't the Rapture either but it don't look like a cakewalk."
[19:44] * ^ Phil puts out cups. none of them match.
[19:44] <```> <Alyssa> "Could be the rapture, anyone here a devout religious type?"
[19:44] * ^ pitcher of cream and sugar bowl do match. none of the silverware does.
[19:44] <^^> <Conrad> I don't think supplies will be a problem for a while, if everyone's gone. The local grocery store could feed 6 people for years.
[19:44] <^> <Phil> I'm religious. not christian.
[19:45] <^^> <Conrad> thank you. Not religious.
[19:45] <|||> <Lawson> "Might have been, for all we know. But if that snotty chick in the pink skirt who was popping her gum behind the counter is gone to heaven, I think I'll stay here."
[19:45] <|_|> <Wes> "Uh...only enough to know I'm goin' to hell?"
[19:46] <|_|> <Wes> "Guys with bunny ears wasn't in the Rapture pamphlet though, y'know."
[19:46] <|||> <Lawson> "Well don't look at me - I'm allergic to church. The Coyote liked to smoke and knew the rotation, that's all that matters in the end."
[19:47] <^^> <Conrad> those were powerful spirits
[19:47] <|_|> <Wes> "There's not like a Native American rapture, is there?"
[19:47] <^^> <Conrad> I'm not religious but I can figure odds
[19:47] <```> Alyssa sighs and reclines against the couch, as if she were in some business meeting listening to people talk about things that were only partially important to her..
[19:47] <^> <Phil> yeah, there sort of is.
[19:47] <^^> <Conrad> if you mean an end to the world, yes
[19:48] <^> <Phil> the seventh wave. ::shrug:: i think its up to seven, anyway.
[19:48] <|||> <Lawson> "Does it include a giant angry bird crapping balls of lightning on the street?"
[19:48] <^> <Phil> flood was ... the second wave?
[19:50] <```> <Alyssa> "Got any encyclopia's maybe we can look it up.."
[19:50] <^> <Phil> thunderbird was the death spirit. ::shrug::
[19:50] <^^> <Conrad> it might... I read the stories a long time ago. Something about hiding in a reed and being guarded by a spider. Or a meadowlark.
[19:51] <|_|> <Wes> "Maybe we do a raindance for our lives or somethin'."
[19:51] <^> <Phil> ants, spiders, meadowlark all protected men.
[19:52] <|||> <Lawson> "Ants?"
[19:52] <^> <Phil> ants ...that was during... the famine and ... was it fall of fire?
[19:52] * ||| Lawson looks thoughtful at that.
[19:52] <^> <Phil> they gave the food to the humans and shrank down and their narrow waists are because they ate nothing while the famine was on
[19:53] <|||> <Lawson> "Why did they protect humans?"
[19:53] * |_| Wes is baffled and keeps squinting out the window. Can't be in bad trouble without someone keeping an eye out.
[19:53] <^> <Phil> I dont' know, i read that story fifteen years ago.
[19:53] <^^> <Conrad> I think they felt sorry for them
[19:54] <|||> <Lawson> "I don't think the key to salvation is to look pitiful..."
[19:54] <```> Alyssa just listens, she doesn't know anything about native american anything.
[19:55] <^> <Phil> Look. the power goes out here all the time. this might be a good base eventually, but we dont really have time to work on it if this is night of the living dead time.
[19:56] <^^> <Conrad> I think the key is to be prepared to find help in odd places, even from small, supposedly insignifigant sources
[19:57] <^^> <Conrad> I agree. What about a school? A lot of them are fenced off, defendable, and have kitchens and bathrooms and a library
[19:58] <```> <Alyssa> "I agree with Phil, if this is night of living dead time we need to get ourselves ready to rock and roll, then defendable, then sustainable. Maybe even moving around is our best bet.
[19:58] <|_|> <Wes> "Not with the lightning bus doin' the rounds."
[19:58] <^^> <Conrad> there is an RV show at Sam's Club... but that is a good point. Horses?
[19:59] <^> <Phil> we need to figure out how far ranging this is and not freak out. what if it just happened here?
[20:00] <|_|> <Wes> "So radio, right?"
[20:01] <^^> <Conrad> internet?
[20:01] <|||> <Lawson> "Radio's full of weird whispers and laughter."
[20:01] <|_|> <Wes> "And we're sure this ain't the Twilight Zone?"
[20:01] <```> <Alyssa> "If we travel, we need to stop by a police or fire station. They have repeaters that bounce them all over the place, maybe we could reach emergency services.."
[20:02] <|||> <Lawson> "If it's night of the living dead, we might want to avoid heavily populated areas, y'know. Where people were. Or might be."
[20:02] <^^> <Conrad> there is probably a more rural firestation near here, we could try that
[20:02] <^^> <Conrad> they would have some emergency supplies, as well
[20:04] <^> <Phil> its next to the only gas station this part of town.
[20:04] <|_|> <Wes> "Sounds like a good start, then."
[20:05] <^^> <Conrad> you will need fuel, right?
[20:05] <```> <Alyssa> "My dad was a volunteer fire fighter, they have lots of good stuff we could use.."
[20:05] <^^> <Conrad> so Phil gathers a few things, we help her secure the house so we can run back here, and then we head to the firestation to get information and pick our next move?
[20:06] <|_|> <Wes> "Get gas, raid the conveniences the station's got, yeah."
[20:07] <|||> <Lawson> "Shouldn't take too much if we just load up the truck. One or two trips at most."
[20:07] <^^> <Conrad> flashlights, bottled water, nonperishable foods, yes
[20:07] <|_|> <Wes> "Everybody use the bathroom -before- we go." He snickers at himself.
[20:08] * ^^ Conrad excuses himself. he drank 3 cups of coffee
[20:09] <```> <Alyssa> "We could take one of their trucks if we needed a ton of stuff. They usually have a medical truck.."
[20:09] <^> <Phil> bathroom's there and another one in the master bedroom.
[20:09] <^> <Phil> they get about a mile to the gallon, we'd not be able to go far if we took one of those unless we took a gas truck too.
[20:09] <|_|> <Wes> "Somebody watch the front while I'm in the can. I don't trust stuff not to start happenin' while we're not lookin'."
[20:11] <|||> <Lawson> "Sure thing kid." Though he thinks things happening will be par for the course, regardless.
[20:12] <```> <Alyssa> "Careful something doesn't come up at you.."
[20:12] <```> Seriously...
[20:12] <^> <Phil> we're pretty far out and there's a big fence. doubt much is out there.
[20:12] * ^ fearing a RSL moment, Alyssa?
[20:13] <|_|> <Wes> "Never can tell." Dart to the bathroom!
[20:14] * ^ it is getting late for the panda. shall we stop here?
[20:14] * ^^ sounds good to me
[20:14] * |_| sure sure
[20:15] * ^ then PAUSE
[20:15] <```> night!
[20:15] * Parts: ``` (jammy11b@dm-13939.dhcp.bycy.mi.charter.com)
[20:15] <^^> thanks for playing, all
[20:15] * |_| should have logged, always forgets. requests one!
[20:16] * ^ logged.
[20:20] * ||| was great fun.
[20:22] <^^>
[20:23] <|||> survival horror is lots of fun, but even more fun when we get lots of people.
[20:23] * ^ will get more npcs. more people is up to you.
[20:23] * ^^ nods
[20:23] * ^ does not want people who will fight with jamison over every damned stupid thing.
[20:23] * ||| can fling another charrie in, but is happy with our group as is.
[20:25] <^^> ditto
[23:35] * Quits: ^^ (RaceUlfson@dm-38954.dsl.snfc21.pacbell.net) (Exit: Live dangerously - but avoid the cheese.)
Session Close: Sun Mar 30 00:00:01 2008

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