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Old 03-27-2006, 04:53 PM
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Default Elitist roleplay fuckheads

Kaden`Fallsmyer (Prysmatic@dm-29642.tukw.qwest.net)
Ashley`Lancaster is Ashley_La@dm-23850.pool.starband.net * nispe

These two entered a rp channel uninvited and sat quietly while two of our rpers were having a conversation.

Kaden made a nasty remark and left.

Ashely stayed a bit longer to continue to make nasty remarks about the rp and how lowbrow we were.

These are the channels i found Ashely in.
Ashley`Lancaster is Ashley_La@dm-23850.pool.starband.net * nispe
Ashley`Lancaster on #kethmar_arena #yiff #kethmar_wilderness #kethmar_brothel #kethmar #de +#Darkshadows^Vampires #ZOMG
Ashley`Lancaster using luminous.uk.eu.darkmyst.org luminous beings (where the sheep go moo)
Ashley`Lancaster End of /WHOIS list.
ah. We all know what wonderful high quality rp you find in Yiff channels. and funny to find her in a brothrel as well, since she was looking for apparently lofty, well written rp.

I can't say what happens or how the quality is in either place. I've never been there. All i can say is ...




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