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Old 10-01-2011, 12:16 PM
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Question Just Some OOC Questions & Thoughts...

HI!! Can what is playing at the movies be put somewhere for us to see? Like when the movies change and such?

If I were not inept with alot of this stuff, Selkie would be putting more announcements and stuff in the little paper!

I am seriously thinking about getting us a little calendar so we can post what events are happening when so we can all kinda know in advance what stuff is going on in the town with the businesses and such. I mean I know we are all grownups and have stuff we have to do, so every event might not be attended by all the characters but with Selkie about to make a calendar I got to thinking it might be good to actually have one for future refernce so everyone knows if there is an event in advance and can plan stuff for their characters and plot ideas accordingly.
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