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Athame 10-01-2011 11:53 AM

Checking Out the Theater
Thom Thorn has been to the theater every night that Metropolis was showing. If there is popcorn and drinks, he always gets some. If there is other food, he gets some of that too. If he could find where Mara is, he'd ask her to go see Metropolis with him, as he knows she likes Queen! What he'd really like is a schedule or some kind of announcment of what the movies are going to be in advance, and perhaps how long they will be playing and such like that. He's not sure if the theater is a business or if it's just one of the crazy rich people on the island having fun with their stuff! Does the marquee always have what is playing on it? :confused:

Megera 10-11-2011 04:51 PM

Wallace Rune works as ticket taker and concessioneer! There is popcorn and drinks, old fashioned candies like Abazaba and Dots and Goobers as well as more modern stuff.

Mara would have gone with thom at least once (maybe twice) to see Metropolis.

The movies are always put up on the marquee. Wallace is starting to get the scheduel in the paper and on the net and is building a webpage for it as well.

During the tourist rushes, the theater is packed and making a tidy profit - enough to buy up more films and upgrade equipment and get another one or two employees

Athame 10-11-2011 05:28 PM

Yay for Abazaba!
Thom is a hog for abazaba's and big hunks! No pun intended! He would be at the movies once a week even if it's not necessarily a movie he was dying to see just for the atmosphere. And the candy! YUM!

Thom will ply Mara with movies and candy and will ask for more musicals to the management via Wallace.:)

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