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Athame 07-10-2011 01:10 PM

Exploring the Pub
((Selkie would like to take some time to explore the entire pub. She will need Morgan's help if he can sort of spot her because she plans to view each room with her third eye, so to speak. She will want to do this with Turas and Morgan on the first pass through each room. If her first pass shows anything too big for her to handle on her own, she'll talk to the Coven about it. So is this kind of more like back playing?))

Beginning again at the front of the pub, she'd spread out a blanket, take a bristol pad and her prismacolors and inks and just open her senses and draw/paint whatever she sees with Turas on the blankie beside her. She'd have herself a little picnic of snacks just in case all she gets is a mundane picture of the pub, but she is prepared to zone out if something wishes to draw or write on the paper.

She has snackies for Turas and a water bowl. Anyone who might see her doing her drawing is of course welcome to join her. If she's zoning out she isn't likely to notice them.

Megera 07-26-2011 10:12 AM

Most of the rooms in the place are clean - deliberately so. There are iron horseshoe nails - one above, two below - at each window and doorway upstairs, and the top of the stairs.

in every window picture she does though, there is a crow.

In the picture of the meeting room, suggestions of wards and protective symbols are very very subtly worked into the pencil strokes.

The stairs down to the caves are warded heavily and what looks like pillars crawling with ominous looking runes are at either side of the entrance below.

The kitchen is calm but for the meatgrinder. it is jammed with a human arm, hand reaching for the artist. Bloody footprints lead toward the viewer, as well. large boots, no tread. Possibly cowboy boots, from the heel

Athame 08-13-2011 08:53 PM

The nails she's pretty sure are protective. Does it matter if they're on the inside or the outside?

The things in the meeting room, are they all the ones that she and Morgan put in there or are there others? If there are others, can she tell what they are?

She'd like to take another page to make detailed drawings of the symbols and runes in the meeting room, the steps into the tunnels and the pillars where they're swimming around.

EEK that meat grinder stuff scares her. She'd try to see if she can get an idea of the face of the person who the footprints belong to. He must be the person doing the grinding of the body. Can she get a feeling of era?

Megera 10-11-2011 04:39 PM

Meatgrinder has no face at all. Big, meaty, soft fleshed and covered with sparse, coarse hair.

The symbols on the pillars are all ominous and stuff! nothing selkie's really seen before.

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