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Megera 08-19-2001 08:20 AM

A few guidelines before you get started posting.
  • Argue with the statement, not the person. Keep Personal remarks to a minimum.
  • This board is rated PG-17. It is considered a mature forum. if you would not let your child go with you to see 'Jurassic Park' or 'Interveiw with a Vampire' or 'Austin Powers' do NOT allow him/her access to this board.
  • No advertising. Period. This means recruitment messages from other guilds, porno, money making schemes, whatever. There will be a specific forum for ooc trading and selling if anyone cares to do that.
  • Expect people to respond to your posts. Do not start closed storylines in open storyboards or your story will be removed.
  • Do not just leap into a story without a decent way to inject yourself into the story. Your posts might be modified or worse, ignored and removed. Make sure you can slide in seamlessly before you jump in - if the story is in the open woodland, you can just wander up. If the story is in a dungeon that it took the party 3 days to figure out how to get into WITH the key, how the hell did you get there, except maybe as a prisoner? and if you're a prisoner, you might want to ask the string's originator how you could have been there and what you've seen so far.
  • Do not argue with the moderators. If you have a problem with a moderator, then take it to Megera.
  • Do not make yourself unpopular here. This is for friends. This is a private organization. Do not presume you have any right to be here - if we don't like you, you're not gonna last long. Don't go away mad, just go away.
Violating the rules means you get banned. If i think it was a misunderstanding, you might get asked about it and then warned and back to biz as usual. If it was not a misunderstanding, you will just be banned. And no, I do NOT beleive in 3rd and 4th chances - if you get banned, you will have one, ONE chance, if anyone can convince me that you deserve one, be it yourself or someone else.
Megera will discuss things with you. Megera will make a decision. Megera's decisions are final. No saving throw. Do NOT take it to Megera if you do not want Megera's final ruling. They can be harsh.


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